How does Photo Retouching Drive More Sales on Amazon?


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Do you know? More than 50 percent of US consumers turn to Amazon first for product searches. And the increasing customer base of this marketplace is making it more and more competitive for the sellers.

As an Amazon store owner, you first want to generate more sales.

Unfortunately, even after utilizing different strategies like running ad campaigns and giving discounts, many Amazon sellers find it difficult to generate the desired amount of sales.

The high level of competition can be attributed to this phenomenon.

But if you look closer, you will find that poor-quality product images are often part of this problem. This is why Amazon recommends its sellers use high-quality product images.

To follow this guideline, you can try photo retouching to improve your product images.

So, let’s discuss photo retouching and its importance when it comes to boosting sales on Amazon:

What is product photo retouching?

Product photo retouching is all about removing imperfections from your product photos and optimizing them to maximize visual attractiveness.

Your product images may have common photography issues (like sharpness, contrast, and brightness problems) or have unwanted objects and backdrops.

In these cases, photo retouching services can help you to fix all of that and make your product photos look great.

Why is photo retouching important?

Product images are the first thing your customer will notice when buying anything from your Amazon store.

Therefore, Amazon has certain requirements for product images. Some of these conditions are:

  • Images must accurately portray the goods being sold.
  • Photos must not be pixelated, blurry, or have jagged edges.
  • The main pictures must be high-quality photos of the actual product.
  • The background of the main images must be pure white.
  • Text, logos, borders, color blocks, and watermarks are not permitted in the foreground/background of main pictures.

From these requirements, it is quite clear how much Amazon gives importance to product photos. And photo retouching services can help you to fulfill these requirements.

Read on to discover how photo retouching can help you increase the likelihood of generating sales on Amazon:

Increase visual appeal

Increase amazon product visual appeal-Tech Cloud Ltd

When it comes to boosting sales on Amazon, using attractive images can play an important role.

Because your customers can’t see or touch your products in person. So they depend on the product images to make buying decisions.

By fixing common photography errors and improving image quality, photo retouching can play an important role in enhancing the visual appeal of your product photos.

If the product images are not up to the mark, customers may ignore the product and buy elsewhere.

Make photos look more realistic

One of the common reasons for product returns is they look different in person than it does in the photos. You may wonder why it happens.

This may happen if you use raw images to showcase your products.

Because raw images do not look realistic. And they often have issues like lack of vibrance, over/underexposure, wrong color, etc.

Another reason they may look unrealistic is due to the limited capability of the camera sensor to capture dynamic range, colors, and tonal gradation.

So you need to correct these problems to make your product pictures look realistic, and image retouching can be useful to fix these issues.

As a result, it may help to reduce the likelihood of returns from your customers.

Highlight the key features

Some products have a unique selling point and may have certain features that make them better than similar products.

You can take advantage of these features by highlighting them in the product pictures through image retouching.

By doing so, you can assist your customers in understanding the benefits of buying your products and increase the chance of making sales.

Make your products stand out

Make product photos look more realistic - Tech Cloud Ltd

Amazon has millions of sellers with about 12 million products. So, in this highly competitive marketplace, it is important to make your products stand out to generate sales.

If you use attractive and unique images for your products, it will be easier for your customers to notice them.

Another important thing to note is that many sellers don’t use high-quality product images.

So, you can consider optimizing your product photos to stay ahead of your competition.

Build trust with your customers

Customers buy from Amazon stores that they trust. It will be difficult for them to trust a business if they use poor-quality images.

Because it shows that the business owner doesn’t consider their buyer’s experience.

For example, suppose a seller uses unprofessional photos for their product. In that case, their customers will not have a good experience when exploring products in that store.

As a result, it may create a bad impression for that store and significantly reduce sales.

To prevent these issues and build trust and credibility, make sure to use optimized images.

Remove distractions

Your product images may contain objects or elements that you don’t want. It may also have a distracting or messy backdrop.

As a result, consumers may get distracted or confused. Which may prevent them from viewing the actual product.

So, it is wise to remove these unwanted elements from your product photos to facilitate a better buyer experience.

By utilizing image retouching, you will be able to remove or replace these negative components from the images.

Increase dwell time

Amazon considers customers’ average time on product pages as an indicator of interest in your products. It is one of the ranking factors for Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

For example, if a customer searches on Amazon, visits your product pages (product listing and detail page), and then quickly leaves the pages, it may hurt your product ranking in Amazon search results.

Which in turn may negatively affect sales.

But how do you increase customers’ time on your product pages?

Using excellent quality product images can be one of the answers.

Because they are helpful to hook customers to stay longer and improve the probability of generating sales.

In conclusion

Using professional-looking product images is important to create a great first impression on customers.

By utilizing photo retouching services, you will be able to remove imperfections from the product images and optimize them for the best results.

As a result, it will be easier for you to build trust, beat the competition, and ultimately help to generate more sales.

So what are you waiting for? Try our photo retouching services today and boost your sales on your Amazon store.


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