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About 70% of eCommerce shoppers consider the image’s quality and details before making a purchase decision.

First impressions always matter! A stunning and detailed product image attracts consumers instantly. Our eCommerce image editing services accomplish everything to give products a distinctive look.

The eCommerce business has become more popular in the current time. Like other business sectors, it’s constantly growing throughout the world. And, you’ll always need professional graphic designers to get your online store’s best-edited images of different products. For this purpose, eCommerce image editing services have become very much needed in the eCommerce industry.

Tech Cloud Ltd.’s eCommerce image editing services are the ideal choice for you to get the best-optimized product images. In addition, we deliver high-quality, metric-driven image post-production services which are perfect for your online store.

You can trust us for your image background removal, retouch, color correction, ghost mannequin services, etc., to have an optimistic impact on your targeted audience. We always provide sales-driven optimized images for your products by maintaining the best quality in the shortest time possible.

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Our Professional eCommerce Product Photo Editing Services Includes

Background Removal

Knock-outs, cut-outs, etching, silhouettes, etc. However, you say it pulls customers’ attention toward the product by removing the unwanted background; it’s a basic edit.


Brings consistency by removing props, smoothing creases, reducing wrinkles, improving shape and symmetry, and cleaning up skin blemishes on images without missing originality and credibility with a professional touch.


Natural reflection and drop shadows add subtle depth, increasing your product’s appeal depending on the context. Remove the background and keep or add shadows.

Color Match

Image color correction is troublesome and time-consuming work. Color matching can ensure each image with the exact color that matches from either a swatch or reference image. 

Invisible Mannequin

Models are expensive, and mannequins are distracting. So instead, combine multiple images to keep the focus where it should be and ensure a solid look of apparel accentuating item details.

Clipping Paths

With our eCommerce image editing services, enhance the glamour of an image and prepare for the future with image files you can use for text wrapping, background removal, print media, and on the web.

Our eCommerce Image Editing Services at a Glance

Image Background Removal 

Of all the product image editing services, background removal is preferred as it allows products to stay in the center of attraction. However, while a product image is crucial, it is sometimes overlooked. This is where eCommerce product photo editing services come into play. 

Removing background needs keen eyes and excellent expertise. Our team of experienced photo editors takes an image’s aspects into account before they start processing. With such confidence, we have been catering to global and local businesses with our eCommerce product photo editing services. Over the years, we have gathered the experience we utilize to handle simple to complex projects. 

Based on the image or picture type: clipping paths, alpha channels, or layer masks are done through different techniques of professional background removal services to get the job done. But why are these techniques even beginning to dig in? That’s obvious: getting rid of those distracting backgrounds and making sure your brand’s image shines out in the crowd, because who doesn’t want their website to look incredible and streamlined in all aspects? Ask any online retailer; the timeline is short and very small to satisfy the potential customer.

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Image Post Production Services - Photo RetouchingPhoto Retouching Services After - Image Post Production Services

Photo Retouching Service

Styling and retouching large quantities of images is cumbersome and time-consuming. Let our eCommerce product photo retouching service that can help you. When our team members are doing your task, we assure you of keeping essence, creativity, and even privacy intact so you can concentrate on your core business. Being a reliable and affordable image editing service provider, our product-touching service intends to make an image look stunning and eye-catchy to the audience. 

Photography has its limits and expensive and complex studio time. In-house processing of large quantities of photographs that require styling and retouching can be a hardship due to time consumption and is therefore costly for your company. On the other hand, the final retouching of the image makes even more amazing beautiful images and creates consistency over time.

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Ghost Mannequin Service

Product photo shooting with models is costly, and mannequins are distracting. We solve these problems by combining multiple images into one image, ensuring that your goods are centered and not elsewhere. Some people call it Ghost Mannequin or Hollow Man, but the concept is simple and the same.

Using a mannequin to showcase apparel items is a traditional practice. While it is inevitable, removing a mannequin is necessary. Because your goods need to look attractive and authentic, use edge-to-edge clipping and its relevant techniques to eliminate the mannequin without changing its appearance.

To date, we provided eCommerce image editing services to the fashion, lifestyle, and related industries.

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Ghost Mannequin Before - Image Post ProductionImage Post Production services - Ghost Mannequin
E-commerce Image Editing Services 2 BeforeE-commerce Image Editing Services 2 After

Image Color Correction

Color of an image plays a significant role in making your product stand out. We offer professional photo editing services, including color matching or correction according to product type and color.

Throughout the process, we adjust colors by maintaining proper consistency and alignment with the product image. In addition, we only need the raw image of the product and your requirement to pull out the accurate output.

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and get to know the quality of our work, price of the task and speed of our team.

Clipping Path Service

Don’t have the setup to create a smooth and eye-catching background? Clipping path service is a favorable option for removing a photo’s original background and inserting a new background or isolating the object you want in the image. 

As many photo editors already know clipping is essential when editing photos. This is because it can make images look more realistic and enhance a picture’s overall appearance. There are different techniques for photo editing similar to the clipping path (like cropping), but each is used for specific editing.

Our eCommerce editing services use clipping paths to serve multiple purposes for our global and local clients. With the experience of handling a handsome number of projects on clipping paths, we are competent in providing creative clipping paths for a bulk amount of images. Through this service, we make photos look more realistic and enhance a picture’s overall appearance.

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Image Post Production Ecommerce ImageImage Post Production Ecommerce Image

Image Reflection Service/ Mirror Effect

By incorporating brand reflection, make images look fantastic. To differentiate between your product image and others, your products are appealing and can stand out from others products.

You can’t overlook great-looking content for your online presence or product. With our product photo editing skills, we do this by adding natural reflection to the photos of your product. Balancing between natural and aesthetic looks, we create an elusive background so that a particular product looks more realistic to the customer.

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Image Drop Shadow

How to make your products more attractive to make them stand out from the competitors? It can make an image more relatable and maximum depth by adding natural shadows to the images of your product.

Our eCommerce photo editing service includes shadow mitigating the poor dynamic range of an image and giving the product image a fresh look. 

Like everything in life, being standard is an advantage to your presence. Our inclusive photo editing services do this by adding natural shadow to the images of your product. Subtle improvements to your images, yet noticeable so you can sell more.

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