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Tech Cloud is a leading digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. Since 2013, we have been providing result-oriented digital marketing services to businesses. 

Our services include – digital advertising service, inbound marketing, and outbound marketing. We have a growing and diverse client base that we help regularly to rank better on search engines. 

Digital Marketing in Bangladesh

Digital Marketing Agencies Services

We make sure our clients’ businesses thrive with our search engine optimization services. Search engine optimization is one of the most essential digital marketing services Tech Cloud provides to businesses. 

Digital marketing researchers say that it’s crucial for businesses to rank higher than their competitors to generate organic traffic. About 53% of a website’s traffic is generated by non-paid, organic search. So, optimizing your website for search engines is the best way to drive valuable traffic to your website. 

For example, if you are selling socks, you need search engines to show your website first when people search for “socks”. A huge number of websites have linked the term “socks” to their websites. As a new business owner, you have to hop on all your competitors and secure first place on SERP to get recognized and generate sales. 

We take care of all the nitty-gritty of your website’s SEO essentials and make you a winner among your competitors. Avail of our professional and local SEO services to secure first place on search engines before your competitors! 

Search engine marketing is one of the most crucial online marketing services that is needed to increase the business’s reach. Not investing in SEM is one of the key reasons why businesses fail to reach their potential clients. Though the semantics are pretty similar, search engine marketing is fairly different from search engine optimization. 

Search engine optimization focuses on generating organic traffic by ranking the website higher in SERP than its competitors. But search engine marketing focuses on paid search results along with organic search results. Search engine marketing involves both SEO and PPC (Pay-per-click marketing). 

Finding the right keywords to generate ads is one of the major tasks in SEM. Tech Cloud provides a 360 degree SEM solution that helps businesses grow faster than its competitors. Check out our SEM services now! 

A good investment on SEO, SEM and other digital marketing services brings desired results only when your website strategy is on point. Without good website strategy, all your other endeavours will fail. A well-researched website strategy can dramatically increase website’s traffic. For exampleA good website strategy includes – 
  • Proper use of H1 labels.
  • Putting the right pictures.
  • Correct load speed, and 
  • Having useful links on your website.
These are only a few things to consider while making a website strategy. There is a lot more to building website strategies. So, it’s better to leave the task to professional digital marketing agencies than DIY it.  In Tech Cloud, we make cutting-edge website strategies that will help your business to thrive in the long run. Get our website strategy services and attract valuable clients to your website! 

Social media marketing requires intrinsic strategic planning and execution to reach your potential clients. Over the years, we have seen that many businesses completely ignore the robust marketing opportunities social media provides and thus don’t take up any professional services for it. 

There are around 3 billion social media users around the world – an enormous collection of potential clients for businesses. That’s why businesses should utilize this golden mine of leads and prospects to increase the company’s reach. 

In Tech Cloud, we provide all-inclusive social media marketing services. We help businesses with Facebook promotions that help them reach their exact range of clients. Get our social media services to snatch away potential clients from your competitors!  

Email outreach is a good way to reach your prospects and leads. According to digital marketing experts, it is a traditional, tried-and-tested way to create valuable leads. 

There are many aspects of email outreach or email marketing, such as dealing with an email contact list, email personalization and creating clear and actionable call-to-action directives. 

As the most dynamic digital marketing agency in Bangladesh, Tech Cloud provides top-notch email marketing solutions. We develop effective email lists for you, set up powerful mailing campaigns and also engage in campaigns that drive conversions. Get on broad with us now!

Retargeting is a well-known advertising technique that helps businesses retain customers who have visited their sites but left without buying anything. 

The technique is to enable your website to drop a cookie into the computers of your website visitors. Each time they visit the site, this cookie prompts your retargeting supplier to show your promotions.

This is a decent way to remind your potential customers about your products or services. Also, using this technique puts your brand in the minds of your potential customers and gets them to move deeper in the purchasing funnel.

The importance of content is perhaps best-described by Bill Gates. In 1996, he wrote an essay on Microsoft’s website titled “Content is King.” In that essay, he told us how important content will be in future and how it will be the most essential tool to drive sales. 

Content marketing is a highly effective technique to build brand awareness. Also, it targets building trusting connections with likely customers, casting your brand as a means to fulfill their needs. It’s a simple way of winning customers without direct promotion.

Content marketing for the most part includes blogs, vlogs, copywriting, cold emailing techniques, infographics, and social media posts. As an ever-evolving field of digital marketing, many new methods and techniques are being added into it. 

Tech Cloud’s content solution will not only get your new customers, but also retain old customers and keep your sales funnel steady and moving. Create awesome content with us now! 

Quality link building is an effective SEO technique that increases the trustworthiness of your website. To rank high on Google, you need to get well-reputed websites to refer to your website. 

Building valuable links is a way to increase referral traffic. As a business owner, you should pay attention to white-hat link building to get more traffic and drive sales. 

In Tech Cloud, we offer link building services that not only get you more traffic for a while, but also systematically build your site’s reputation to rank you consistently higher than your competitors. 

The demand for affiliate marketing is increasing by seconds. With the increase of new businesses, affiliate marketing is proving to be one of the most effective ways to get your business known to the public. 

In Tech Cloud, we provide all-inclusive affiliate marketing solutions that speeds up your businesses’ reach and gets you the valuable traffic you deserve.

Creating effective online marketing strategies is a time-consuming task. But without solidifying your online presence, you won’t be able to take away your valuable leads from your competitors. 

Tech Cloud’s top-notch online marketing services includes creating personalized online marketing strategies that benefits your business and makes your online presence stronger than your competitors.

Digital Marketing in Bangladesh

The Best Digital Marketing Solutions in Bangladesh

According to our clients, Tech Cloud’s passion and drive to provide the best service makes it the most-trusted digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. At Tech Cloud, we not only preach that our clients are our top priority, but also prove it diligently in all our activities. 

Digital Marketing Services

Build sustainable brand recognition with Bangladesh’s leading digital marketing agency. Online marketing strategies that generate new traffic and increase your businesses’ profitability are the most important part of your company’s digital marketing campaign. 

Keep Tech Cloud by your side and breathe easy as your business blooms gracefully before you! 

Basic Info about us

The Best Digital Marketing Solutions in Dhaka

Tech Cloud is a serial-winner of its clients’ hearts and tagged as the best digital marketing agency in various clients testimonials. The main reason for Tech Cloud’s achievement is its capability to think out of the box, providing the best service within deadline and an expert team of digital marketing enthusiasts. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our meticulous, white-hat SEO services will not only rank you higher than your competitors on SERP, but also consistently make you win the ranking game with visible results! Our SEO services include – 

  • In-depth keyword research.
  • Advanced SEO audit.
  • Result-oriented on-page SEO services.
  • Off-Page SEO services. 
  • Detailed SEO report.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO helps to increase your site’s crawl ability and indexability. Secure a solid online presence with our on-point technical SEO and other online digital marketing services. Our technical SEO services include – 

  • Running crawl error reports. 
  • Checking your HTTPS status codes.
  • Upgrading your site speed. 
  • Reviewing diverts and 
  • Wiping out copy content.


Custom Website Design

Feature your business’ highlighting offers with our prim and proper website design service. We have an experienced group of WordPress and Laravel specialists who will help you get a better reach than your competitors. Our custom website design service includes – 

  • Properly analyzing your niche requests.
  • Planning ADA compliant, sites and  Giving progressing site support.
  • Search engine, user and mobile-friendly websites.


Motion Video Production

Video advertising is a powerful storytelling technique. Stand out from the crowd of rioting competitors with our motion video production service. Get the best motion video service from our team of experts!

  • SEO-optimized motion video content.  
  • Topic research and scriptwriting. 
  • Movement graphics creation and video editing.
  • Show multiple products on one canvas. 


Email Marketing

We make customized email bulletins to keep your messages out of spam folders and urge your clients to take your call-to-action directives. Our email marketing experts also provide the following services –

  • Assemble your endorser list.
  • Test email campaigns before delivery. 
  • Use power words on your content  
  • Create a curiosity gap in the messages.


Link Building

As the best digital marketing agency in Bangladesh, our expert team provides the best link building services. Our services include-

  • Directory Submission.
  • Slide Submission.
  • Blog Commenting.
  • Forum Posting.
  • Social Bookmarking.
  • .gov & .edu website linking.
  • Wiki backlink.
  • Web 2.0.
  • PDF Sharing.
  • Q & A site link.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing not only saves your money but also makes reaching your target audience easy. Our social media  marketing service distinguishes your objectives, performs rival benchmarking and assesses your clients’ online conduct. Our services include – 

  • Facebook marketing. 
  • Instagram marketing.
  • Linkedin marketing. 
  • Google Ads services. 
  • Youtube marketing. 


Content Writing

Adding benefit-rich content to your website is a widely approved way to generate leads and gain brand trust. As a dynamic internet marketing agency, we provide the best content writing services locally and globally. Our content writing service includes –

  • Extensive topic research.
  • SEO-optimized content.
  • No plagiarism, only original content.
  • Readable, creative, and trendy content.



eCommerce Marketing

Our digital marketing service provides eCommerce SEO and eCommerce PPC solutions for driving valuable traffic to your site. Moreover, our e-commerce marketing service includes-

  • Creating product audits.
  • Upgrading your product pages
  • Customizing your showcasing procedures based on your customer needs.

You've got a vision. We have a way to get you there.

Let's work together to achieve your goal.

eCommerce Web Design

The design of your e-commerce website is one of the major movers of your sales funnel. Moreover, according to WebFX, 75% of your website’s credibility comes from the web design. Keeping our client’s requirements in mind, we provide the best e-commerce web design services across the globe. Our services include – 

  • Single vendor or multi-vendor website as per your needs. 
  • Customized Laravel website. 
  • Fully responsive web design. 


Local SEO

Most of the customers looking for local stores online are likely to call or visit a store within 24 hours. It’s a great way to pull your ideal customers from your competitors and drive more sales. Our Local SEO service includes –

  • Making sure your name, address and telephone number (NAP) are in place.
  • Upgrading your area pages. 
  • Leading nearby third-party referencing.
  • Influencing online social media platforms to stay on your clients’ minds.


Web Design & Development

We build custom, mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized websites that meet your business goals. Also, we make a visual progression to feature your significant site components and urge page guests to make the ideal move for you. We provide services like –

  • Using clear suggestions to take action (CTAs),
  • Maintaining a strategic distance from carousels and rotating sliders.
  • Designing and creating value-driven web content that captures the attention of your clients.


Pay Per Click(PPC) Management

As a leading internet marketing services provider, our PPC management services will make your business flourish smoothly and effortlessly. Our advanced PPC management service includes – 

  • Benefit-rich, all-inclusive, informative and innovative ads. 
  • Adding all the necessary extensions like call, message, location and price snippets. 
  • Reaching the exact target audience. 
  • Optimizing ad titles with correct keywords to reach potential buyers. 

Online Reputation Management

Nowadays, reputation is everything. It’s important for businesses to gain and maintain their reputation online as well as offline. Tech Cloud understands the importance of online reputation for your business. Our online reputation management services include –

  • Improving your reviews.
  • Audit observing 
  • Designing and reviewing reaction distributing strategies.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization techniques guarantee that your site is prepared to transform visitors into customers. As the leading digital marketing agency in Bangladesh, we provide the best conversion rate optimization services locally and globally. Our CRO services include –

  • Optimize your site for mobile and voice search.
  • Making smooth landing pages.
  • Verifying places checked.
  • Rearranging your site’s payment system to promote better conversions. ​