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Free Trial at Tech Cloud


We provide free trial job to make sure that we are able to accomplish jobs according to your specific instructions. The trial job process is quiet easy and short. Its the best way to show off our skills and to know if those skills are well suited for your specific tasks.
Feel free to contact with us anytime you like. We are always here to help for post production services.

* You may upload and send maximum 10 files for Free Trial.


  • You send TRIAL jobs, we will return you the edited version, you see the quality then we move forward
  • Price will vary based on the complexity of jobs & effort.
  • Rates can be in USD/EURO/GBP whichever is convenient.


  • At the end of each month we will send an invoice for all the job done (we can send invoice individually for each project too if require)
  • Invoice should be paid within 15-30 days from invoice date.
  • Payment should be wire to our Bank account directly with SWIFT code provided.