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Ghost Mannequin Services

Ghost Mannequin Effect | Invisible Mannequin | Hollow Man Effect

Tech Cloud Limited is global ITES company, specially trained graphic designers  for post-production Image services.

The effect of “ghost mannequin,” also known as the “invisible mannequin,” “3D mannequin,” or “hollow man,” is a simple and powerful post-production technique for the photography of clothing products that solves the issue of the display. The ghost mannequin services allow to take several images of a product on a model or mannequin and then merge the photographs to delete the model or mannequin in the phase of post production.

To e-commerce, business magazine owners, and professional photographers, the Ghost Mannequin Effect is so relevant. You can get the neck-joint effect on clothing from our business. The use of mannequins is a cost-effective and efficient way to promote brand photos.

An invisible mannequin image is a combination of two or more images at its most fundamental level — also known as a “composite image.” The second and any additional pictures are flat views of any portion of the garment interior that your model or mannequin obscured, mostly taken on a white foam panel.

Ghost Mannequin Services 1 After
Ghost Mannequin Services 4 BeforeGhost Mannequin Services 4 After

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services

Most invisible images of mannequins are created from just two other images, but sometimes more use is needed. It all depends on the shape and cut of your product and how much detail the  model or mannequin will cover in the on-body shot. Many things like bracelets and watches do not use a mannequin, but you still  want to combine images to get rid of props and manage complicated lighting. This type of compositing is not really a ghost mannequin technique application, but the process is very similar.

Mannequins allow the products to retain their shape, which can improve the professional and consistent appearance of product images, thereby increasing consumer demand. Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effect, another Explicit Joint Service Name means the process that allows you to properly cover your mannequin layer and convey your clothing item’s image. Without online visibility, we can’t think of a company in this modern internet base age.

E-commerce stores, professional clothing photography, fashion photography, and the ready-made company had a strong need for this service to catch their target customers around the world.

In addition to creating invisible mannequin images, we Tech Cloud mannequin editing service provides so many add-on services; like-remove wrinkles from the cloth, change the color of the dress, erase background, 360 ° view. Even, if our customer needs it, we can liquefy their fabric image to find the best look for it.

It takes Ghost Mannequin Service to

  • cut unwanted objects
  • separate objects from the image
  • remove artifacts in pictures
  • draw a path in the form you want to make perfect picture
  • Masking In the fall shadow making services  For e-commerce branda
Ghost Mannequin Services 3 BeforeGhost Mannequin Services 3 After
Ghost Mannequin Services 2 BeforeGhost Mannequin Services 2 After

The tools you need to shoot your clothes invisibly

Ghost mannequin : Any modular mannequin with interchangeable chest and arms can be used to obtain invisible brand shots by individually removing parts

Camera : A Canon EOS 5D Mk III as the industry standard for professional product photography is recommended by experts.

Studio lighting: A continuous source of cool LED lights is recommended for lighting to ensure consistency of exposure, shadows, and contrast.

Your clothing: Shirts, skirts, coats, blazers and clothes that work particularly well for this style of photography.


and get to know the quality of our work, price of the task and speed of our team.

Our Ghost Mannequin Services

Dress The Model

Dress The Model

First, beginning with the sleeves, dress the mannequin gently with the blazer (or any clothes you choose).

Repair the shoulders to make sure the seams match the mannequin’s shoulders. Take the time to ensure that the material is not visibly stretched.  Now you will see that the lining is fully exposed, as if it was worn by an invisible person.

Style Your Clothes

Style Your Clothes

Use a mix of styling pins on the back panel to tighten things up for any places where the fabric does not fit perfectly. Additionally, tissue paper is extremely useful to help’ bulk’ out places to which you would like to concentrate.

Spend some time styling the blazer, making sure it fits symmetrically on the mannequin, and no noticeable creases are present.

Shoot Your Garment

Shoot Your Garment

Install your lighting and exposure to highlight the blazer’s key features without drowning out any colors— here you can learn more about lighting and exposure.

Next, focus your lens and take a selection of shots that not only cover the entire blazer, but also zoom in on the lining and stitching. Get creative— you know what you’re looking for from your clients.

Choose the right model for your clothes:

To begin with, it is important to choose a mannequin that suits the item as ghost mannequins come in a variety of sizes and styles.

If the form is incorrect, the clothing will not match as well as it could. Keeping a variety of different mannequins on hand to shoot with is also useful. We agree, however, that not everyone can have a selection of ghost mannequins at their fingertips-so it is necessary to fashion pins and clips. 

Once you’ve picked the right mannequin, stack your clothes in a logical order of shooting — grouping together the ones that fit without switching mannequins and pieces. You’ll save loads of work on yourself and allow more styling time.

Photo Editing Services - Image post production servicesPhoto Editing Services After - Image Post Production

Trips And Tricks

If your clothes are too big for your selected mannequin to achieve a more sleek, fitted look, use styling pins behind the back and below the armpit area.

Using crêpe paper to’ cover’ places that need to be filled in or stressed.

Group your clothes into’ boxes’ depending on how each mannequin suits to save time to swap and change parts.


and get to know the quality of our work, price of the task and speed of our team.