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Professional Photo Retouching Services

About 67% of consumers consider clear and detailed images more than product information, full description, and even customer ratings. As a result, putting a quality image that holds every characteristic of an appealing image is vital.

Although a perfect photograph comes first to take a flawless image, some imperfections might remain in the picture. Here the role of photo retouching plays comes into play.

Photo retouching means an image’s alteration process to become more glamorous and attractive.

To fulfill the goal photo retouch artists use software that creates eye-catching visual images. To maintain it, the photo artists work with color adjustment, image correction, removing unwanted objects, checking white balance, cropping, and following many more procedures.

Be it for branding & design, clipping path, background removal, ghost mannequin, portrait, glamor, landscape, masking, shadow creation, color correction, jewelry retouch, neck joint, raster to vector, or photo restoration, you can get these from us.

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Our High-End Photo Retouching Services Includes

eCommerce Product Retouching

What do customers usually do before purchasing any item online?

Of course, the primary focus is on products’ photos. The online portal can lose many prospects if the images are not right. A top-notch eCommerce product photo retouching can attract customers, increase sales, and eventually, improve customer retention.

How would you achieve such attractive images?

Product retouching is the best way to make product images successful regardless of the product type.

However, if the product image is not done correctly, it might not generate enough results. Here our professional photo retouching can help you get a bulk amount of images edited properly at the lowest cost.

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Jewelry Retouching

You must consider jewelry photo retouching services to make jewelry products look flawless, detailed, and alluring. Our service includes removing the jewel’s scratches to make it neat and clean. Suppose the actual photos show any spots or inappropriate markings. In that case, photo retouching is the most efficient and effective technique to remove that edge-to-edge. To a large extent, the final looks of the images were altered.

Usually, the raw images of jewelry often look unusual & unattractive. You can improve the quality of such photos by adding shadows and creating 3D effects. All of these could be achieved with professional editing with keen attention to detail.

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Let’s Discuss Our Photo Retouching Services In Brief

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Fashion Photo Retouching

Fashion retouching can make garment products appealing. This method involves natural retouching with preservation of skin texture and all necessary details and works on details of the image, including skin, hair, eyes, smile, and clothes.

Glamour or beauty retouching has many variants. For example, eye retouching, beauty retouching, hairstyle retouching, spot removals, enhancing skin beauty, shaping body structure, correcting contrast, etc.

In the world of fashion and style, most of the big brands rely on glamor retouching because this method brings out the accurate outlook and originality of products in images.

In addition, we also focus on color and light correction that suits a photograph (if required, we do color correction at your request and reference).

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Commercial Retouching

Commercial retouching primarily focuses on highlighting an object or person in an image. Both entail a wide range of topics such as cars, suits, shoes, airlines, food, beauty products, etc., and any business industry.

The primary purpose of retouching these pictures is to promote a product or service to attract visitors and influence them to purchase.

With over 10 years of experience providing professional commercial photo editing services to local and global clients, our team of experts is committed to delivering enchanting lifestyles, apparel, and product pictures following the clients’ requirements accurately.

Avail yourself of your free trial, and you will see the difference.

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Image Object Removal

When you capture photos, making a professional setup may always become impossible. At the moment of click, all may seem right, but the pictures may come unplanned with a sudden object. Then the need for the removal of objects arises.

Object removal is one of the everyday tasks for our photo editors. Therefore, each of our photo editors removes unnecessary things to enhance the beauty of the photo.

You may ask a professional photo editor to remove any irrelevant object so that the primary subject stays in focus.

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Portrait Retouching 

The retouching method is a versatile and ideal solution to cater to image processing for a business. Portrait retouching is applicable to portrait images for editing without damaging their attributes and features.

Usually, retouching portraits create more appealing and extraordinary ideas. Our Photo Retouching Service provides the most accessible portrait retouching. We know how to make flawless and beautiful pictures.

Our expert photo editors use up-to-date Lightroom and Photoshop tools to retouch a unique portrait focusing on detail.

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Publication Retouching

Publication retouching is used for brand advertising, product or service selling, and various types of offerings. Publication photo retouching services primarily focus on editorials, books, magazines, etc. Of course, the images meant to be used in publications must be perfect, including no missing details or color drops.

Most importantly, every element of an image including its color, texture, etc. should be there. After all, thousands of eyes look for the product image more than the product description.

We strive to keep the photos original in publication retouching to meet the market standard. Over the years, we have been leveraging the best approaches, tools, and processes with an aim to deliver satisfactory and expected results.

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Headshot Retouching 

The profile photo may be taken by a professional. But with each click, there might be different issues. For instance, hair may or may not be straight or curly, the forehead may have creases, and so on. But these issues can be handled with the help of Headshot Photo Retouching Services.

We have over 250 professional photo editors who are experts in their field who can retouch the photos and correct all the flaws. So get the attention that your images need.

For glamor and editorial photography, our headshot retouching service focuses more on providing perfection. The photo retouching process required is more technically expert, and the edits are made according to the client’s requirements. This means flaws of any kind won’t be accepted in the final image unless specified.

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Shadow Retouching

Usually, some products look unusual and unattractive, adding shadows can increase the depth of the image and make the look more realistic. That means shadows can sometimes give incredible photo effects, which bring a positive impression. It gives the photos a natural look to appeal to potential customers.

The shadows usually need to be clear to look natural. Applying the retouching techniques, our image editors add a sense of vividness to the existing or new product images. The retouching of the shadows is practically vital to the images.

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Get to know the quality of our work and speed of our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • According to famous online photographer Mike Johnston, the answer is simple, since Image Retouch Service tools are used to increase the accuracy and truthfulness of the photograph to the scene — not decrease it— it is nothing wrong to do image retouching. Image retouching helps get rid of unwanted objects and artifacts of photos. 
  • We edit all types of product images including but not limited to apparel, jewelry, furniture, accessories, automotive, real estate, and whatnot.
  • You can submit JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, or any format you have available. However, we prefer the best quality image you have.
  • Depending on the intensity and image quantity, the assignment based can be completed with a quick fix of 15 minutes to two hours.
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