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Professional Product Photo Retouching Service

Do you know? About 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in purchasing. 

That means consumers feel comfortable spending their money when they can envision and get details from the image they are looking at. 

Consumers rely on product photos as they don’t have direct access to the physical product while they are shopping online. And those images create impressions, and credibility resulting in better branding.

Our product photo retouching service includes all the necessary adjustments to make a product image attractive and detailed. 

From product retouching to improving colors, removing shadows, and bringing in necessary adjustments, we strive to deliver a satisfactory result. 

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Get to know the quality of our work and speed of our team.

Types of Product Retouching Services We Offer

Background Removal & Replacement

As much as it is needed to make products’ images look gorgeous and focused, setting a background might become cumbersome.

Based on your requirement, our image editors can remove the backdrop of a product image without distorting its quality and essence. 

In terms of replacing a background, we work on the pixel-to-pixel of an image while removing and replacing the background with your preferred background.

Let professionals do it for you, whether simple or complex background removal.

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Color Correction & Editing

Of all kinds of adjustments, color correction is one of the most vital for a product image.

If you are selling your product, regardless of your business industry, you need to upload images that reflect the actual color of the products. 

In addition, we can help you change product color so you don’t go through the hassles of making more products, photo shoots, and constantly changing the background.

Color correction & editing is an essential service to most of our customers from various industries.

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Get to know the quality of our work and speed of our team.

360-degree Packshot Retouching

Providing customers with a full view of a product in the 360-degree image could play a significant role in purchasing.

However, this formal image requires multiple angles of a product and preciseness to create a 3D outlook.

Our image editors maintain uniformity while editing all the photos that adhere to lag-free animation.

Be it for a new 360-degree product image or editing the existing one, let us take care of it.

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Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect

Mannequins are used to display the products and their look when it would be worn. Customers can get every detail and a holistic look at the products.

To bring store visitors’ attention to the product only, removing the mannequin is necessary.

Our image editors remove mannequins from product images precisely.

In addition, our mannequin editing service includes add-on services such as removing wrinkles from the cloth, changing the color of the dress, erasing the background, and 360 ° view.

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Ghost Mannequin Services-BeforeGhost Mannequin Services-After
Product Retouching - Tech Cloud Ltd

Shadows & Reflections

Adding necessary shadows to images makes a product image more realistic and delivers a sense of an appealing environment.

As much as needed, our photo editors bring in their expertise and tools to make necessary adjustments.

In addition, we also pay attention to the reflections of an image that might cause a distraction to customers.

Mostly, this effect is used for editing glass-surfaced materials.

When we are adding shadow or dealing with reflections, we work from pixel to pixel to ensure seamless editing.

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Reshaping Product Images

Reshaping and liquefying techniques can give your product images a more stunning look.

The reshaping process brings out the exact shape of a product.

And liquefied images help customers to envision proper size as it is done by pushing, pulling, rotating, reflecting, puckering, and bloating in an image.

Both of these techniques are applied in product variation.

Our image editors blend these methods together to bring perfection to every bit of a product image.

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Get to know the quality of our work and speed of our team.

Types of Product Retouching Services We Offer

As we navigate to the era when customer experience is vital to building a thriving business, the importance of an appealing image has amplified. Image editing services from renowned agencies can help you to deliver the best shopping experience to your customers.

However, it might be quite puzzling to choose the right image editing partner who would be able to serve your unique business. Here is a glimpse of the reasons why you can rely on us for your next projects.

10 Years of Experience

Starting our journey in 2013, we have been providing image editing services to clients across the globe. That said, we are enough experienced to deliver satisfactory results to our clients.

Quick Turnover

This is one of our strengths that makes us unique. We can deliver more than 8000 images within 24 hours, ensuring 100% image quality.

Best Affordable Pricing

We offer our customers the best price, starting from 35¢ per image.

24/7 Client Support

To ensure our clients don’t have to go through any hassle, each of our services comes with round-the-clock and after-sales support.

Edited Manually

Once we get a proper brief from our clients, we start working on that project. While working, each image undergoes several stages- from basic to finishing to quality assurance check.

Easy Payment Options

To ensure improved and easy client partnerships, we have multiple payment options to meet clients’ convenience.

Large Experienced Resources 

We have more than 250 expert image editors who went through various tests to prove their caliber and the experience they gathered over the years. As a result, we can ensure client satisfaction.

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