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About Us

Tech Cloud Ltd runs its operation worldwide from 2013 to be the global IT and ITES Service provider. Providing a real-time solution, creatively using cutting edge technology without compromising quality; that’s the goal of Tech Cloud Ltd.
We have been working to provide innovative solutions in the area of IT and ITES products locally and globally from the very start of the business in 2013. To create opportunity and assist the market Tech cloud experts are providing out of the box solutions in

  • Image Post Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Design and Development
  • Local and global SEO, etc.


We are comprehensively supporting our valued clients around the world with quality and cost effective way and faster turnaround time. We aim to create long-term customer relationships. Through being customer-oriented and providing the highest quality of service and versatility to our customers.

Established in 2013 under the private limited company act of Bangladesh with an aim to serve globally. Tech Cloud already achieved the trust of different clients from different regions on serving quality services in terms of time and cost and has a strong belief to provide better and better services in the coming days.

Tech Cloud has been selected as one of the top IT companies in Bangladesh to create and support jobs by enhancing the export competitiveness of its ITES sector, by International Trade Center with the help of BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services) & NTF III (Netherlands Trust Fund Phase III).

Our Vision

To be the global leader in IT service industry delivering improved quality service.

Our Mission

To deliver industry standard and affordable services to clients in different business sector of

  • IT industry including e-commerce Image Processing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Development, and Software Development.

Our Values

  • Committed to continuously strengthening our services and team.
  • We walk extra miles together to achieve business goals.
  • A global organisation that embraces diversity and innovation.

Why Us

 Having these strengths help us ensuring working towards the same common goal, and share a bigger purpose.

Industry Standard Quality
  • We believe quality comes first.
  • Ensure that you received the best quality in accordance with the industry standard.
Budget Friendly
  • Budget is always limited – we understand
  • So we’re first learning your goal
  • Then, we offer the best price that matches your need & budget
  • Counsel with us about your project
  • Would you like to have a  look at the project before the project starts?
  • Here comes Demo or Trial option (conditional)
24×6 support
  • Tech Cloud believes in after-sales service.
  • We believe at the moment when we’re most needed.
  • Therefore, we are helping 24×6 multiple media.

Our Clients

Our Strengths

  • We believe in skill enhancement and youth power. That’s why most of our human resources age lies between 22 to 30 years age group. As per requirement, they are ready to invest extra time to complete the given task.
  • Those who are skilled personnel reinforced from time to time through in-house training.
  • Trained human resources finally delegated by their superiors to perform their services. Thus contribute to the local and global IT and ITES sectors.
  • Most of our hired Human resources are from the undergraduate level. They start their journey with us through an internship or as a fresher. Going through consecutive training they become skilled ones.

We’re really glad to inform you that. our human resources are great to work with. They are self-starters, motivated, proactive and highly professional with the required skills and experiences.

  • Having sufficient quality to secure and self-defining teams
  • Self-modified, work truthful
  • Time management skills is remarkable
  • The best thing we have in our team is a sheer commitment
  • They are also imaginative, dedicated, responsible and eventually continue to learn something new.


Tech Cloud organization culture stands in harmony with the team spirit. The spirit that allows any mission to be done more efficiently and effectively rather than usual.

  • Our team members always strive to fulfill their promises that they can complete the task prior deadline.
  • If necessary they are always ready to take an extra load or work for long hours that delivery can be on time.
  • The group members are self-motivated. Asking colleagues that they have any questions about their tasks.
  • Group discussions from time to time inspire them. Thus makes their dedication level high towards their goals and objectives.

  • In our own in-house training facility we train up and prepare our workforce within 2-3 weeks. 
  • Freshers undergo hands-on training in their daily tasks. Among them, there is an illustration training, image manipulation training, image editing software training, color correction, brand identity development, etc. Trainees’ progress is closely monitored by an experienced instructor.

  • We have a specific team to inspect and maintain industry-standard design and quality.
  • We place great pressure on the reliability of our photo editing projects at Tech Cloud Ltd. Thus ensure maximum consistency in delivery.
  • As our customer, you can be assured not only of timely and secure services at reasonable prices but also of high service quality.
  • We follow a strict quality policy and stick to all procedures to ensure optimal performance at all rates and review them on a regular basis.
  • To date, we have over 500 happy customers who can guarantee the quality of our image editing work that meets international quality standards.
  • To ensure on-time delivery we maintain region wised shifting duty.
  • Our team is split into three teams to work 24 hours day, so we can deliver the best graphic editing jobs to your satisfaction.
  • Via high-speed optical fiber connectivity, full-featured web server and all known updated technology
  • we have technically powerful-end; from where our skilled image editing professionals can deliver the best quality visual output.


Established in 2013 under private limited company act of Bangladesh with an aim to serve globally.

Journey Started
with a small team of 7 people aiming to become an global IT outsourcing company on image editing needs only
40 People; 30+ Clients
Team grows to 40 people with 30+ e-commerce clients for image editing worldwide including Mango online
120 People; 100+ Clients
group of 120 people served 100 e-commerce customers. For graphic design, digital marketing and website development, separate team was also created.
250+ People; 400+ Clients
From Europe to Asia to USA, we have served over 400 clients. We helped them to retouch their images, to boost their brands’ images, to design eye-catching graphical contents, to develop user friendly websites and to save their time & money with the help of our web products.