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In Photo Cutout Services, image portions are isolated from incompatible backgrounds. Photo-insulated parts can be used for a variety of purposes with a variety of backgrounds.

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What is Photo Cutout Service?

Photo Cutouts (also called deep etchings) are image post-production techniques that enhance the appearance of images by separating the main subject from its background. Ensure that the background is transparent and white so that it is compatible with different eCommerce platforms.

Photo cutout services can be used in a variety of contexts, including advertising, fashion, and product promotion. The use of quality photos can increase a product’s marketability and highlight its eye-catching and unique features.

Professional photographers, eCommerce business owners, and e-business marketers often take advantage of photo cutout services. They can easily place their product images on different backgrounds because image cutouts isolate the object in focus and prepare it for use.

How Important is a Professional Photo Cutout Service?

Images are becoming increasingly important to companies of all sizes, from startups to large corporations. The popularity of images can be seen on social media platforms such as Instagram or eCommerce platforms such as Amazon. Over 63% of online shoppers value high-quality product images above “product-specific information, descriptions, or even reviews.

These findings highlight the importance of professional photo editing, where the cutout process is critical. A professional photographer creates realistic images that enhance the main subject in order to highlight the business message in the best possible way. Whether it is product catalogs, billboards, or brand recognition, everyone prefers a professional touch.

Our Image Cutout Services are affordable, reliable, and delivered within the shortest timeframe. You can amaze your target customers by having our experts make your photos breathtaking and attractive.

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Image Cutout Services: Automated Vs Professional

There is no doubt that quality photos alone can convey all the details that users are looking for. There are some people who prefer photo cutout apps or automated tools for cutting out backgrounds from photos. But, you must come up with creative and experienced solutions that meet the needs of your users if you are going to succeed in the competitive marketplace.

When editing large numbers of images at once, automated tools take a long time and deliver inaccurate results. Provide clutter and low-quality images that need to be edited by a professional.

In contrast, professional photo editing services provide eCommerce-friendly images that are detailed. Prepare realistic images with transparent, white backgrounds and media-friendly file sizes within the given timeframe.

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Basic image cutout

The basic photo cutout is the most common category. Because the image does not contain any holes, it usually requires one path with mostly straight curves.

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Medium image cutout

Various holes and designs are included in the medium photo cut-out, which includes images with multiple curves. In this case, there are more anchor points than in the basic Photo Cut Out.

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Complex image cutout

These products have many holes/ embedded transparency, and many closed paths, and are used to cut out images of compound and complex shapes, designs, or groups of images.

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Multiple image cutout

An image can be enhanced and altered in various ways, such as changing the color level, multiple fillings, opacity, size, rotation, filters, and effects.

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    The team provided a milestone plan at the start of the project. I'm delighted to say that they followed the plan perfectly. They were always responsive and helpful. Very good experience. Highly recommend!

    Carles Bou - Digital Marketing Manager - RBA Revistas

    Carles Bou

    Digital Marketing Manager
    RBA Revistas

    When I started out, I made the mistake of showcasing my products with raw images. Tech Cloud not only edited my eCommerce product images flawlessly, but the turnaround time was also impressive.

    ANA OCA - Global Head of Marketing at Adolfo Dominguez


    Global Head of Marketing
    Adolfo Dominguez

    Tech Cloud Ltd. became my hero! They tackled a whopping 10,000+ image eCommerce editing project with impressive speed and meticulous attention to detail. Clean cutouts, great prices, and a lifesaver for high-volume editing needs.

    Tomeu Ozonas - Business Development Director Spain

    Tomeu Ozona

    Business Development Director Spain
    Pixelz Inc

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    How long does it usually take?

    Within 15 minutes to two hours, any assignment can be completed. However, we are capable of delivering over 8000 images within 24 hours without compromising quality.

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    The starting price is 35 cents. The best price, however, is our guarantee.  

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    International credit cards are accepted for online payments. In Europe, the UK, and the USA, we also accept local bank transfers. A wire transfer to a Bangladeshi bank is also accepted. Paypal is unfortunately not an option for us.

    Is there a discount for bulk orders?

    Always! To learn more, contact us.

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    Definitely. All new customers are entitled to a free trial task before doing business with us. Visit our “Free Trial” page and test it out.

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