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Best Clipping Path Company for Your Online Store

Are you looking for a low-cost clipping path service to get all your photographs retouched by professionals while saving money?

If yes, we are your right choice.

Most of the time, photographs require retouching to bring the product in focus and make that image more versatile for use on any platform. It involves background removal and adjusting the overall outlook of a product image is vital. Here comes the role of clipping path. 

Clipping Path is a simple yet effective process for removing the background from an image to keep the focus on the product(s).

Processing hundreds and thousands of images can be troublesome. Besides, you will need to put a lot of effort, money, and time into properly bringing professional touch to every image. 

However, as a market-experienced clipping path service provider for 10 years, we are committed to removing your image editing worries and ensuring a fast turnaround with a satisfactory outcome so you can grow. 

We won’t waste your time. Let us take care of image editing, whether simple or complex or a small or large project.

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Get to know the quality of our work and speed of our team.

Clipping Path Services within Budget & Time

Whether catering to the purpose of background removal, image masking, ghost mannequin effect, shadow creation, color correction, and eCommerce Product photo editing, our clipping path service entails every image editing you need.

As a leading clipping path company serving local and international clients, we are committed to fast turnover, affordability, and satisfactory outcomes.

Clipping Path Services - Basic Clipping - BeforeClipping Path Services - Basic Clipping - After

Basic Clipping Path

For products with simple shapes. This technique is usually applied in a straight, round, rectangular, or small curved shape. Those shapes include but are not limited to a phone, bottle, box, wine glass, plate, circle, egg, book, spoon, and more. 

With regards to the clipping path, we hand-draw each clipping path with the latest tools to accomplish preciseness, spotless, edge-to-edge cut-off, and eventually, a satisfactory outcome.

Businesses from any industry, including but not limited to eCommerce, automotive, apparel, jewelry shops, and fashion house, prefer basic clipping path service for getting simple images processed within a short time at an affordable price.

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Medium Clipping Path

Compared to the Basic Clipping Path, this medium clipping path technique generally deals with multiple holes and curves. As a result, it is slightly more complicated than simple clipping, but our team of expert image editors always opts for a manual process in order to ensure each image’s details are intact and correct.

Some online free auto programming and even a couple of tools of Photoshop can remove background from a picture at the same time. However, the sensitive image requires a medium clipping path for finish and keen-eye editing. As a result, our in-house image editors remain vigilant from receiving requirements to delivering each task.

Although product images like a bracelet, shoe, knick-knack, engine parts, set of watches, etc., are often done using medium clipping, many businesses might use this if they want to ensure perfection in medium complicated range images.

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Clipping Path ServicesClipping Path Services
Clipping Path Services Before 4Clipping Path Services After 4

Complex Clipping Path

While chains or groups of furniture, net, and other products with complex shapes and many holes are photographed with a background, removing the unwanted background becomes strenuous. Nevertheless, this is the best method, if not the best method, for dealing with more complicated shapes than Basic and Medium clipping.

Our expert photo editors start working from pixel to pixel and finish off with edge-to-edge cutting to get a satisfactory outcome. Throughout the process, they stay patient and keen and do all these things manually. In addition, their years of experience with us serving local and global clients from simple to complex also facilitate them to get this kind of job done without any hesitation.

Don’t worry about the price! We charge our clients as minimum as possible without compromising quality. Instead of wasting any time, we first examine an image to understand its complexity before start working. This allows us to either go for it or inform clients if not viable for us.

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Multiple Clipping Path

Multiple Clipping Path or “multipath,” in short, is a more advanced level of clipping path. This method refers to using multiple paths to perform an image’s clipping. Generally, this is achieved using the latest tools, but it appears to be more laborious compared to the standard path of clipping.

For instance, you shoot a picture. You might not be able to change or assemble a similar dress in a short time. The multi-clipping path is the use of multiple ways created by combining multiple clipping paths in a picture. Multi-clipping paths have increased daily in various garment sectors, modeling sectors, advertising agencies, online stores, and numerous fields. The models or apparel you can displace/oust/include by multi-clipping.

We offer you low rates for our multiple clipping path services so that all your design needs will be met hassle-free.

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Clipping Path Services Before 6Clipping Path Services After 6
clipping path services - clipping path specialist - beforeclipping path services - clipping path specialist - after

Super Complex Clipping Path

This method, in general, is applied to a broad multiple gaps material. It is used in advanced designs, such as fences, zigzags, cross lines, etc.

To work with the pictures that need excessively super complex clipping paths, the editors need to confront a hard test. They should have sound knowledge and aptitudes of photograph editing, super difficult clipping paths, and utilization of change apparatuses, and that’s just the beginning.

Our expert image editors are masters of adobe Photoshop who have the proven caliber in dealing with significantly complex projects. While completing a highly complex project may not be easy, we come together to make it happen by going all in. Our clipping paths benefits are likewise top-notch. We are industrious and proficient in our dealings.

We are wary of the pictures and give top-notch results by the day’s end at the cheapest rate. Have a look at our portfolio or test our skills by sharing your task(s).

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Get to know the quality of our work and speed of our team.

What Makes Us One of the Best Clipping Path Companies?

Trusted by more than 900 clients worldwide, we provide high-quality clipping path services other than image editing services at the best price. While we prioritize the quality of each image, different factors make us the most preferred company to our clients.

Data Privacy

Our utmost care ensures security and protection for each image to maintain your data privacy. In addition, we opt for non-disclosure if it is necessary.

Quick Turnaround

From the beginning of our journey, we stayed committed to delivering output faster, which stands at more than 8,000 images/per day. Besides, we also take special requests for any project.

Expert Resources

We understand what it takes to stand out in a competitive market. To help our clients grow their businesses with industry-standard images, we set up a dedicated team of more than 250 expert image editors to work on each task properly.

Quality Assurance

Maintaining the best quality in bulk image editing is our strength. As we focus on our client’s satisfaction, we check every image meticulously. By doing this, we thrive on delivering the best result to our clients.

Manually Hand-Drawn

Our clipping path is done manually throughout the image process to ensure that every image is edited from pixel-to-pixel and edge-to-edge perfectly.

Affordable Pricing

Imagine saving money from your estimated budget for image editing. This is possible with us. We offer our clients a low-cost clipping path service, starting from 35¢ for every image. Whether it is a small or big project, our working process involves several steps for each task.

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