6 Essential eCommerce Product Photography Tips

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Product photography tips by Tech Cloud Ltd

How do online businesses achieve their customers’ trust? 

What are the must-have characteristics for an eCommerce business to thrive? 

Of all these questions, most of the answers have product image as one of the key factors of a successful business.

Before purchasing a product online, customers mostly rely on the product image and description. Around 75% of online shoppers rely on a product photo to decide.

The statistics show that an overwhelming amount of customers depend on product photos.

But how to make a product image spectacular that can drive revenue?

Before we jump into the time, money, and effort-saving tips for best product photography, let’s dive into the fundamentals first, which you also want to know.

So, is there any specific technique for product photography?

The simple answer is NO.

Although no photography bible exists, many techniques are introduced to help photographers become versatile.

Of course, there are many buzzwords when we hear about photography.

The buzzwords are such as product photography, wedding photography, architectural photography, and the list goes on. And only some types of photography have a similar technique. In light of this article topic, let’s discuss what product photography means.

To put the term product photography in plain words, it deals with taking product images to showcase on multiple platforms– websites, social media, and more– to attract and convert.

Although there are no strict rules for product photography, you can always opt for preferred ways to highlight products through photography.

When taking product photos, you generally need a proper setup that includes attractive background, decent light, a stabilizer, and tools that will help you execute the photography efficiently and professionally. 

Moreover, the lens and camera type are, of course, vital for better product image quality. Therefore, it has been found that photographers are using their smartphones for photography.

The smartphone can be your best option if you are at the beginning or zero level. Here comes the role of the experimented guidelines that can help you to take better pictures of products without much hassle. Then…

Fundamentals for product photography

1. Find good angles

Find good angles in product photography-Tech Cloud Ltd

The angle of your product image matters.

When photographing a product, angles can make a big difference.

To find a good angle that suits the background, product nature, and ambiance, you need to move around and keep the subject in its place.

While moving, you must only be stationary for part of the product photography. 

After getting some shots from a different angle, you will find the difference, which can change the entire perspective of the shot.

Thus, you will get your desired product image without much setup work.

2. Follow the rule of grid

Follow the rule of grid - Tech Cloud Ltd

You want your product image to be well-balanced compositionally to make it attractive and give what customers want.

The “wow” doesn’t come with just one or two clicks. That means if you want to take advantage of a product image, you must ensure you are correctly utilizing the ‘central’ photography lines.

Pro tips: Once you turn on your camera, go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Camera Settings.’ From there, you can turn on ‘Grid Lines.’ 
Placing the product in the focal point in the center square will help you get a better look at the product and a well-balanced composed photo.

3. Is this detail enough?

Pay attention to product details-Tech Cloud Ltd

As product image is the first thing your customers notice, are you paying attention to product details in an image?

For example, suppose you are selling an ‘Anti-dandruff shampoo’ and using a model to showcase your product.

In that case, you must be rigid about every detail. From a model’s hair to product outlook, each needs to be perfectly balanced and detailed.

When detailing hair, working on such complicated factors with your camera may become difficult. 

Here comes the role of Photoshop. By using Photoshop, you can easily clear out the details, but you will need the expertise to execute such a complex task.

But, getting a professional eCommerce image editing service is a much more efficient, cost-saving, and agile decision. 

4. Play with lights

Lighting for product photography-Tech Cloud Ltd

Light is the most crucial of all the factors associated with an attractive photograph. 

The most exciting part is that light can complement the image background and set the mood according to your products’ nature.

Professional photographers’ most basic advice is to try to capture an image using natural light.

As a result, if you are shooting in a studio or a closed place, natural light from windows, lamps, or even overhead light can give a better result.

5. Perfect exposure compensation

Perfect exposure compensation-Tech Cloud Ltd

Of course, each camera can let you shoot with automatic exposure to the subject, but it might NOT be correct every time.

Sometimes, you will notice that the subject has been blurred, too shiny, or dark. You want to avoid this in your product image if you urge to drive more revenue.

Use the +/- symbol button to adjust the exposure on your camera. You can opt for contrast exposure and get your expected image using this button. For dark ambiance, increase exposure with “+” and vice-versa. 

6. Show that product use

Showcase how products can be used-Tech Cloud Ltd

The best way to present your product is by showing how it should be used. Start with the normal use of the product or something out of the box. Let’s say you use a ‘black shaded’ lipstick to color something black in art.

This not only shows how dark the lipstick is but also the quality it has. In addition, pay attention to the color of your product. And correcting color in a single image takes a lot of patience, accuracy, and effort.

In contrast, working on the bulk amount of images’ color is unimaginable. In this case, you can outsource a photo retouching service to mitigate your hassle and expect a better result quickly.

The upshot

As much as photography is vital to capture better visuals for a product’s prospective customers, making it an appealing image can reward extensively. 

In addition to your photography preparation, hiring professionals would ease your way toward getting the most attractive images for a business.

If you have any queries about what kind of product image retouching is necessary for you, get a summary at a glance from our page.

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