What is Included in Photography Post-production Services?


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It takes a lot of effort and attention to detail to capture the perfect shot. Despite that, many images may not turn out as desired, which is a common problem for photographers. However, photography post production services can be of assistance. 

There is always the right image post-production service to fix any issue you might have with your photos. Using these services, you can enhance and improve a wide range of issues that can arise during the photography process, such as poor lighting, incorrect exposure, and composition errors.

Photos can be altered to make them publishable and distribution-ready even when they have the worst possible issues.

What is photography post production?

Photography post-production refers to all the image editing processes that happen after completing the photo shoot. It includes clipping path, photo cutout, background adding or removing, shadow adjustment, mannequin removal, image masking, image retouching, and so on.

Why is photography post-processing important?

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Post-processing is a key aspect of professional photography, allowing photographers to fine-tune and perfect their images. It is the final step in the image-making process, much like editing is to writing.

Business owners, in particular, can benefit from post-processing, as it allows them to ensure that their photos accurately reflect their brand and message. 

While camera technology has advanced significantly, it still cannot replicate the complexity and nuance of human vision. Through post-processing, photographers can rectify any mistakes and enhance the visual elements of an image, ultimately bringing it closer to their original vision.

Some of the top benefits of utilizing photography post-production services include the following:

  • Enhancing a photograph by making adjustments like contrast, saturation, brightness, and sharpening.
  • Bringing out the desired vision of the photo so that your photograph looks the way you imagined it.
  • Enhancing details in the highlights and shadows of an image.
  • Removing imperfections from the image, like dust spots, noise, chromatic aberration, barrel distortion, and vignetting.
  • Expand your creative boundaries by making images that reflect your creative style and help you to tell the story in the way you want to.

Different types of image post-production services:

There are several types of photography post-production services available to fulfill your image editing needs.

Depending on the specific editing required, you can choose from the following options:

Clipping path

Clipping path service - Tech Cloud Ltd

Clipping path is one of the most common image post-processing techniques used by image editors to cut objects from a photo, similar to cutting out pictures from magazines, but in a digital format. Clipping path service works by manually drawing a vector path around the edges of the subject or the area you want to isolate by using a digital pen tool.

The isolated part of the image can then be saved with a transparent background or used on different backgrounds and photos to achieve desired results.

eCommerce photo editing & retouching

eCommerce photo retouching service - Tech Cloud Ltd

The eCommerce industry heavily relies on product images, as the product can not be seen or touched in real life. So the goal of the product images should be to make them as realistic and vivid as possible to simulate real-life buying experiences for the buyers.

By utilizing different techniques of photo editing and retouching, you can enhance the color of the images, smooth out rough edges, remove unwanted objects and imperfections like spots, and blemishes, and even adjust the lighting and composition of the image to make your product image look its best.  

Other than that, most eCommerce marketplaces have specific guidelines for product images, and non-compliance can lead to the rejection of the product listing.

Whether it’s your own website or any other marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba, these services aim to make the image more appealing to potential buyers.

Besides enhancing and removing potential flaws, they will also prepare the images for various eCommerce platforms.

Ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequin effects - Tech Cloud Ltd services

eCommerce businesses that sell apparel often struggle to display their products effectively. Models can be expensive to hire for apparel photography, and mannequins can be unattractive for displaying products. To resolve these issues, ghost mannequin effects can be used.

It involves taking multiple photographs of a garment on a mannequin, then editing the photographs to remove all signs of the mannequin. Consequently, the product’s fit and shape will be highlighted, keeping the focus on the actual product.

Image background removal

Image background removal - Tech Cloud Ltd

Showcasing products in an enticing way requires product images that are free of distracting backdrops and other background elements. Otherwise, it will divert attention from the product’s subject.

Thus, removing distracting backgrounds can be an effective way to display product images without distracting shoppers.  

Whether the proper background wasn’t available during the photo shoot or it just doesn’t complement the subject. Professionally removing the unwanted background and replacing it with a more suitable option can be an alternative to discarding the entire photograph.

For eCommerce businesses, this service is especially useful because many online marketplaces require sellers to use a white or light background for their product images.

Packshot retouching

Packshot retouching - Tech Cloud Ltd

Packshot Retouching involves the precise modification of a product image, specifically its packaging and labeling, through techniques such as blemish removal, shadow and shine softening, stray hair fixing, and other adjustments to enhance its overall appearance. 

The ultimate objective of this process is to create an attractive and persuasive advertisement for the product that captures the attention of potential customers. This can be done on both still or moving images of the product with its packaging and labeling.

Image masking

Image masking - Tech Cloud Ltd

Masking in photo editing is like having a magic wand to precisely control where adjustments take place. With a mask, you can limit the visibility of a certain layer or adjustment, leaving the rest of the image untouched. 

For example, you can brighten your subject while leaving the background unedited, remove backgrounds, blend multiple images, confine an image into a shape, and add transparency to an image. 

It’s a powerful technique that allows you to refine your adjustments along a specific edge or make certain sections of an image completely transparent. 

Without masking, it would be difficult to make certain areas of your photo stand out, like in a raw image with a brighter background than the foreground.

In contrast, masking allows you to easily target the darker areas while leaving the brighter areas untouched, resulting in a more balanced and professional result.

Photo cutout

Photo cutout service - Tech Cloud Ltd

Photo cutout, also known as deep etching, is an image post-production technique that separates the main subject of an image from its background.

Cutouts are like a digital version of scissors and glue, allowing you to create collages without the mess. You can effortlessly isolate and remove the background from an image, resulting in a clean and polished cutout of any object – a product, person, or anything else.

The process of creating a cutout can be done using the Pen tool in Photoshop, which includes techniques such as clipping path, layer masking, and channel masking. These methods help to extract the main image from an unappealing background, leaving you with a more striking final product.

Commercial photo editing 

Commercial photo retouching - Tech Cloud Ltd

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Commercial photography encompasses a wide range of genres, such as travel, fashion, product, and advertising. With the rise of technology and the increasing competition in the commercial world, the standards for commercial photographs have become higher.

By taking help from professional photo editing experts, you can optimize the photos to make them crystal clear, flawless, and visually appealing. 

Moreover, you can make your product or service-related images stand out and be ready for promotion, marketing, or sales. Whether it’s through color correction, cropping, or retouching, these services can take your images to the next level and give your business an edge in the industry.

Wrapping up

Adding image post-production services to a photograph can dramatically enhance its overall look and feel. There are endless possibilities for modifying images after they are taken through the services, such as clipping, masking, retouching, and so on. 

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