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Providing Top-Quality Image Post Production Services for 7 Years

Consisting of 250 industry experts, Tech Cloud’s image post-production team always provides the best to its clients. We offer services like photo retouching, photo clipping path, layer masking, retouching, shadowing etc. Moreover, our specialized services include creating hollow man or ghost mannequin effects on different apparel types

We provide the best image post-production services, including fashion, glamour and editorial retouching. Also, our diverse and growing client base consists of e-commerce websites, clothing stores, advertising agencies and many more. 

Our Image Post Production Services

post production photo editing example beforepost production photo editing example after

Photography Post Production Services

Photography post-production includes restoring an old paper-printed photo to a digital form. Tech cloud provides professional photo editing services that restore old, printed photos to their original state or even more refined than the original state. Also, we restore damaged photographs (caused by dirt or stains) and restore them to their previous states. 

Our photography post-production services include – 

  • Product retouching.
  • Body reshaping.
  • Skin Tone Setup.
  • Object removal.
  • Burn and Dodge.
  • Photo merging etc.

Ecommerce Image Editing Services

Mediocre product photos on your e-commerce website always keep you behind your competitors. So, keeping the needs of e-commerce store owners, we have designed our specialized image post-processing service for e-commerce stores. On our service list, you will find –

  • Jewellery Retouch.
  • Product image resize.
  • Mirror reflection etc.
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Image Post Production Ecommerce ImageImage Post Production Ecommerce Image
Post Production Photo EditingImage post production

Photo Editing Services

Post-processing photography is one of the significant tasks in photo editing. Moreover, photo editing services also include clipping, re-colouring, photo restoration, masking, retouching, cropping, along with other services such as compositing, multi-clipping, enhancing, etc. You will get all-inclusive photo editing services from Tech Cloud.

  • Image enhancement.
  • Image restoration.
  • Colour correction.
  • White-balance adjustment.
  • Background removal service.
  • Image masking service.
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Clipping Path Services

Top-notch product photography is one of the most crucial factors that influence consumer buying behaviour. More specifically, online fashion stores, photo studio houses, e-commerce stores and advertising agencies need clipping path services for increased conversion rates. 

Want engaging product images that instantly grab the attention of your leads and prospects? Then, avail of our clipping path services that include – 

  • Retouching and Restoring. 
  • Neck Joint Service. 
  • Color Correction. 
  • Photo Masking. 
  • Removal of distracting dimensions of pictures. 
  • Clipping for desired background. 
  • Image editing to enhance the product’s look.
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Image Post Production - Clipping Path ServicesImage Post Production - Clipping Path Services
Ghost Mannequin Before - Image Post ProductionImage Post Production services - Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin Services

Do you have bulk images of apparel that need to be separated from their mannequin backdrops? More specifically, e-commerce websites, clothing stores and fashion houses are our regular customers of ghost mannequin services. Our all-in-one ghost mannequin service provides everything that your business needs. 

Check out the list of our services – 

  • Removing unwanted objects. 
  • Drawing paths in desired forms provided by our clients. 
  • Image masking. 
  • Shadow services. 
  • Jewellery retouching services.
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Photo Retouching Services

Defective photos not only ruin the aesthetics but also turn valuable leads away in seconds. Our photo retouching services glam up your photos and make your brand stand ahead of your competitors. Fashion magazines, photo studio houses, e-commerce stores and many more companies and agencies regularly need our photo retouching services. 

Here is the list of photo retouching services we provide – 

  • Removing dust and dirt. 
  • Sharpening. 
  • Dodging.
  • Blurring. 
  • Masking. 
  • Split toning.
  • Over and under image exposure etc.
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Image Post Production Services - Photo RetouchingPhoto Retouching Services After - Image Post Production Services
Image Post Production Services - Image Background RemovalImage Post Production Services - Image Background Removal

Image Background Removal Services

It is no surprise that image quality plays a key role in driving sales. Moreover, a clean photo background plays a crucial role in enhancing image aesthetics. In Tech Cloud, we provide all-inclusive image background removal solutions. Our services include – 

  • Background removal and replacement.
  • Fixing.
  • Resizing.
  • Cropping.
  • Clean up dust or dirt. 
  • Spot or wrinkle removal.
  • Ghost mannequin or smoothing out clothing. 
  • Colour adjustment or correction.
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Jewelry Retouching Services

Every business dealing with jewellery photos requires a top-notch jewellery retouching service to capture their customers’ attention and drive more sales. Tech Cloud provides professional jewellery retouching services for your business. Our services include – 

  • Necklaces.
  • Wedding rings.
  • Bracelets.
  • Bangles. 
  • Stone gem ornaments. 
  • Pendants. 
  • Brooches and more.
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Jewelry Retouching Before - Image Post ProductionImage Post Production - Jewelry Retouching


and get to know the quality of our work, price of the task and speed of our team.

Our Strength

Turnaround Time

We maintain fastest turnaround time for project. For instance, our turnaround time for Image Editing is 18-24 hours!
We are also able to maintain 12hrs turnaround time for Image Editing in some cases depending on the situation.
If you have new project with volume 1000 – 1500 a day on regular basis give us a 2/3 weeks prior notice to prepare ourselves.

Recent Works

The world is changing all around us. To continue to thrive as a business over the next ten years and beyond,
we must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape our business.

File Transfer Method

As an overseas company all our jobs need to transfer through a secure and faster method. In most of the cases we use SFTP (secure FTP) with high speed internet backbone full duplex mode and on average we transfer 80-150GB data daily to our different partners or client worldwide.

*** We can also use wetransfer or dropbox or your own file transfer system


  • You send TRIAL jobs, we will return you the edited version, you see the quality then we move forward
  • Price will vary based on the complexity of jobs & effort.
  • Rates can be in USD/EURO/GBP whichever is convenient.


  • At the end of each month we will send an invoice for all the job done (we can send invoice individually for each project too if require)
  • Invoice should be paid within 15-30 days from invoice date.
  • Payment can be done easily with payment request link using CC, check or local bank transfer or wire transfer with SWIFT code provided.


As one of the leading IT and ITES firms Tech Cloud Ltd is recognized by the International Trade Centre, Bangladesh Association of Software Information Services- BASIS and Netherlands Trust Fund Phase III – NTF III

Also Tech Cloud served and currtently serving few fortune 500 companies around the world including Mango, Diesel, DSQR2, Adlofo Dominquez etc. on their photo post production need with our experienced and skilled retouching team over last 7 years. And currently our post production team is processing over 6000 images per day for different e-commerce retailers or fashion icons around the world.

Our Three-Step Quality Assurance Procedure

By the term photography post production, we refer to all types of image manipulation or editing after a photo just captured. As we are working in this field for several years and have a professional team, we are confident enough that our post production photography can satisfy any professional. We will not take too much time to complete the projects. Although the required time to finish a project depends on the complexity of the photo and volume of the order, we give our best to provide the best quality and never miss deadlines.

We make sure all our projects are being checked properly in 3 steps – by the production manager, the processing manager, and then the QC manager before delivering it to the client.

Team One

The Production Manager processes the raw files

Team Two

The Processing manager applies the finishing touches

Team Three

The QC Manager performs the final quality control before the delivery

If you are a professional photographer, then you understand how difficult and tiresome post production photo editing can be. You have to spend a lot of time making portrait or wedding post production. If you outsource your photo retouching for professionals, you will save a lot of time and energy.

Professional post production services provided by Tech Cloud Limited perfectly meet the requirements of a professional photographer who wants to save time or an apprentice who wants images to be professionally edited.

Case Study

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  • There are many reasons to take products from Post Production. Such as:


    • Images may have unwanted objects or persons in the frame
    • In your group photos, you may need to add an individual.
    • Your pictures may be shown over or underexposed,
    • It can suffer from inadequate lights and unnecessary shadows,
    • Problems may associate with color,
    • The background of the images may not appropriate


    In the above cases, one may need post-production photography services. Thus, improved images become more engaging and attractive to customers.

  • For the below-mentioned causes, photography post-production facility works as a blessing-


    • To re-correct event photography
    • To repair damaged image
    • For model photography
    • For a glamorous look of product photography
    • To add multi path
    • For background removal

  • Choosing us will be beneficiary for you for the aforementioned cause.


    • Have 170+ skilled manipulation artist
    • Dedicated team consists of youthful and energized members
    • The harmonious team believe in a unified decision
    • In house training facility for human resources
    • Total Quality Management
    • Committed to on-time delivery
    • Quality service in competitive price
    • Value Added Service

  • We ensure economic prices by measuring the following criteria. Such as:


    Cost and payment:


    We ensure that it is within your budget and provide a method of payment that fits

    with your business.




    Our first priority always provide you quality element at the best competitive

    price possible.


    Turnaround time


    Always ask prospects for fees for rush!


    List of Services:


    All of our services are listed thoroughly that you can get what you needed most..


    Maximum order size:


    If you have a large number of photos, then obviously management will offer

    you an economic price which makes you happy for making a long term

    business relationship with us.

  • The service  we commonly provide are:


    • Ghost Mannequin
    • Color Correction
    • Wrinkle Removing
    • Hair Masking
    • Jewelry Retouching
    • Clipping Path Service
    • Photo Retouching
    • Image Reflection
    • Shadow
    • Skin Retouching
    • Remove Image Background

  • The factor that makes the price of the post production services high is the clients’ requirements. If the clients need any specific service like clipping path, background removing, spot removing, etc. then the price may be less. But, if they don’t specify their requirements, rather they ask for color correction, image retouching or restoration, the price goes high. Because, such a service has no limitation. These services are laborious and time consuming. For doing these tasks perfectly, the designers incorporate other services, software, tools and options that are the reasons for being the prices high.
  • We usually deliver 5000+ image files a day, but the time may be more or less based on the complexities. Without hampering quality, we also provide rush services. If you need fast services, please let us know in full. Within the proposed time, you will receive your edited files.
  • If you are not happy with the pictures you have delivered you will receive a 100 percent refund. We are focused on quality work and long-term relationships, rest assured.
  • Yeah, it’s possible We recommend that you first test the value by having a free trial of one or two pictures before placing the order.
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