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7 Christmas eCommerce Setups that Sell (Even After the Holidays)


Christmas ecommerce setup that ring in more sales-Tech Cloud Ltd

Christmas is coming!

This occasion adheres to a religious perspective, and the spirit behind Christmas is that of giving and sharing among each other. At this time of the year, we purchase and exchange gifts as a token of love for the people we care about the most. 

From the online business perspective, these few months are considered the peak time for sales and business growth.

Consumers spent a total of $204.5 billion for the holiday season, including November and December. And around 59% of customers would shop online, while the other 36% chose in-store shopping.

This highlights the importance of improving your online store for the upcoming holidays. But how do you get started with bringing a Christmas vibe to your eCommerce website?

With the view to helping you make an eCommerce site where people would love to shop on holidays and after, we’ve compiled the best and experimented strategies. 

Let’s dive in –

1. Give your site a celebration look

Christmas website celebration look - Tech Cloud Ltd

Of course, your eCommerce website needs to look like you are also celebrating a holiday with your customers. Consumers get excited and interact more with visual content. 

And when it comes to getting a Christmassy experience, you need to put more effort into bringing an exclusive look to your site. This effort will deliver a joyous shopping experience. 

It can be putting on a holiday-focused banner with lots of offers or an outlook with symbolic essences of a holiday. Another good reason for ensuring such a shopping experience is Search Engine Optimization, shortly known as SEO.

According to Google’s latest content ranking factor, Google seems to like and reward websites that refresh their content regularly.

And what better opportunity to do so than the upcoming holidays?

2. Highlight the best offers

Christmas offer promotion - Tech Cloud Ltd

Who doesn’t love to avail offers? The answer is that everyone does. 

Whether it is on holidays or regular ones, putting up a banner with great visuals and offering highlights can create a tangible experience for consumers.

Generally, a homepage works like a kick-off to a shopping experience. And, if it can attract audiences, they will likely explore more. As a result, the possibility of conversion remains high. 

In addition, your audiences will get a holistic view and information about what you are selling and what they can get at the cheapest rate. This marketing strategy helps a lot to sell.

Using these two strategies on your homepage during holidays will drive more revenue.

3. Optimize your website

Become a one-stop solution for your customers.

This means customers should find what they are looking for at your store. Nowadays, a majority of customers feel comfortable shopping online with their smartphones.

Around 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the first half of 2022.

As a result, it is vital to optimize your website, which will run seamlessly on any device. Website optimization makes it convenient for users to access and explore and ensures a smooth shopping experience. 

This is what we all and your customers want.

4. Enhance customer experience

Happy customer giving feedback - Tech Cloud Ltd

As much as it is vital to create a seamless eCommerce website for customers, how they feel while using it matters the most. In the post-covid-new-normal era, the focus on the customer experience has increased dramatically.

And customer experience depends on several factors of an eCommerce website.

The primary factors are:

4.1 – Simplicity & intuitiveness

Of all the characteristics, making an eCommerce website simple to use and exclusive to feel is very important.

Therefore, there shouldn’t be any new design implementation or experiment, particularly during holidays.

In contrast, you need to put effort, time, and focus on how customers are engaging and what ways you can ease their shopping experience. As a result, you will achieve, 

  • Customer retention
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customers’ reliability

4.2 – Discovery, engagement, and delivery

These key components help a website live up to customers’ expectations and experiences. 

Ensuring these three factors helps your customers to be happier with your brand and eventually convert them into loyal ones.

American Express found that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience.

This is how much a thriving eCommerce business always focuses on customers’ experience. Subsequently, those businesses successfully outweigh the competitors and gain loyal customers. 

5. Focus on shipping and return policy

Leveraging the best and customer-oriented shipping and return policy scales up your business to a great extent.

An example can be drawn when you can make all these policies impossible to resist. But how do you let them know that you improved your business for them?

A strategy can display the core and critical message on the home and repeat on multiple pages. Therefore, customers will find it relatively impossible to ignore, which will drive more revenue to your business.

6. Use stunning product image

Stunning product image for ecommerce - Tech Cloud Ltd

What do you look at before purchasing your desired product online?

Well, it is that product’s images. Human purchasing behavior generally relies on what they see and feel, stimulating their actions or decisions.

The online shopping experience is no exception, except they can’t handle the product with their hands. Hence, the product image is the only medium to gain customers’ trust and lead them to buy from your online store.

During the holidays, customers’ excitement and urge increase their expectations leading them to look for something gorgeous to look and have. 

Both product photography and image processing are essential for product images to make those look spectacular and detailed simultaneously. Of both of these prominent factors, product image processing sometimes is overlooked. 

To overcome this blunder and reduce the hassle of processing bulk or complex product images, most of the thriving business outsources from eCommerce image editing company. 

Not only because they provide a wide range of necessary eCommerce image editing services but also because they ensure professionalism, client satisfaction, faster turnaround, and cost-saving.

When you opt for photo editing services online, you will save time, money, and effort.

7. Ensure promising customer support

At this time of each year, there is always high demand resulting rush. Unfortunately, this situation creates a sudden customer service breakdown in many businesses.

This creates opportunities for you if the best customer support is ensured at your business. Customers might want to know more about the product, the return policy, or the product’s arrival.

Whatever problem/question they have, your customer service needs to be there to meet their requests. Staying up to their expectations and queries shows the generosity and sincerity of a business toward its customers. 

Final thoughts

For those businesses that aspire to make their fortune– Christmas and New Year are the best times of the year.

But, enhancing your overall eCommerce website outlook, performance, and customer experience will result in long-term benefits throughout the year.

If you are looking for a professional eCommerce image editing company and marketing partner, you are in the right place.

Explore our most affordable and high-end image editing services for your company. 

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