5 eCommerce Image Editing Services that Boost Christmas Sales

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Christmas is defined as the period from mid-November to the end of December.

For instance, in 2020, overall spending on Christmas rose by +46.3% in the United Kingdom compared to its previous years.

However, those businesses that cannot attract customers are victims of no-sales in such a period.

The primary underlying reason seems to be that their product images could not convince their customers. 

Here, the role of eCommerce image editing services comes into play.

What is an eCommerce image editing service?

eCommerce image editing is the most commonly used service by online retailers and businesses from many verticals. 

The appearance and detailed product images can attract customers and eventually help to increase sales.

Image editing includes background removal, retouching, shadows, color matching, invisible mannequins, clipping paths, and more.  

It focuses on adjusting product images with all the necessary tools and making those look appealing.

eCommerce photo editing services for hot Christmas sale

Christmas is the most colorful occasion across the globe and demands a cheerful and vivid vibe to each product.

Therefore, you want to make your product images a treat for your audiences’ eyes. 

It is essential to work on every detail of a product image to achieve this.

But not all the products are in the same size, shape, and even made.

For instance, Christmas trees, colorful lights, Santa dolls, and even food items require different methods of image editing to create appealing and exciting presentations.

Here are the aspects where image editing is used depending on the product’s attributes.

Background removal/ adjustment

eCommerce Product Image Background Removal-Tech Cloud Ltd

The background of an image is essential as it sets the mood instantly. When you are preparing for the Christmas sale, you should opt for proper utilization of your product image’s background.

For example, you can use a snow effect, different bell colors, a vibrantly colorful background, or something your audience might like. So, removing and adding a suitable background is as important as photography.

Clipping path service

The clipping path plays a significant role in removing any unwanted background and extracting the focus subject carefully from the image.

It refers to the extraction process of the subject from an image while removing the background. 

Of all the methods, the clipping path is the most sensitive one and must be done by professionals. Otherwise, you might lose the essence and details along with its background. 

Ghost mannequin service

eCommerce Product Image Ghost Mannequine Removal-Tech-Cloud-Ltd

Mannequins are generally used to present apparel items to the audience to give a good look. 

However, mannequins cause distractions.

Ghost mannequin is a popular method for removing mannequins from apparel items.

With this method, a professional ghost mannequin service provider removes the mannequin without distorting any elements of an image.

As a result, your customer would see a product image without a dummy and get a clear idea.

Color correction

About 85% of consumers buy because of color. 

Color correction includes color matching or correction following the product type and its predominant color. 

Generally, color correction can save you a lot of money and effort.

For instance, you can change the color of a single piece of apparel without arranging and taking multiple photographs.

If you photograph a red shirt’s image, you can change that color for available colors.

As a result, you can opt for multiple color adjustments for your product and save yourself from this hassle during the Christmas rush.

When you outsource image editing services for color correction, ensure you either give them the exact color codes (HEXA code or RGB) or choose directly from their proposal.

Doing so will minimize any miscommunication as well as back-and-forth hassle.

Product drop shadow

As customers’ purchase behavior relies on the product image, it is wise to make product images look as clear and appealing as possible. 

Among various methods, adding a drop shadow to the subject of a product image is the most common yet effective method to achieve vividness in a product.

Considering shadow service for your product images— particularly those placed on a reflective surface will keep you at the top in the customers’ preferences.

While preparing for the Christmas sale, opt for this service.

The upshots

Suppose you want to drive more revenue this Christmas. In that case, it is high time you consider an eCommerce image editing service for your product images. 

There is a wide range of product editing services that are designed to imply according to the product’s type.

Before you decide that this is the service you want to outsource, talk to an eCommerce image editing company thoroughly and see if they offer the same.  

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