Holiday eCommerce Sales: 17 Easy Ways


Increase holidays sales-17 best ways by Tech Cloud Ltd

Who doesn’t want to increase their sales?

Although it is a cliché question, the obvious answer is YES.

But to achieve your sales target, there is a set of techniques that you should follow.

First and most importantly, keep in mind that the peak season for an eCommerce business is a yearly holiday. Whether it is Black Friday, Christmas, or New Year, a business generates significant sales and revenue at this time of the year. 

For example, retail sales in the United States jumped positively during the 2021 holiday season, with sales growing by 16.1%, the fastest growth rate in more than 20 years.

With an analysis of such growth in business during the holidays, it is expected that sales would continue to rise and exceed the previous years.

So, what would be the best strategies to make a fortune during these holidays?

Still, trying to figure it out? Or do you need to know where to start?

Read on to find out the 17 top-notch sales-driven ideas that will work if followed accordingly.

1. It’s discount time

Create christmas vibes-Tech Cloud Ltd

You have an eCommerce business, and you know how much consumers love to shop when they get an offer or discount.

During the holidays, the most common ritual is exchanging gifts increasing purchasing materials.

As it is a common phenomenon, putting a discount tag on a product in your eCommerce business can surely boost sales more than any other day.

2. Create a holiday vibe

How do you connect more with a human? First, of course, with human behavior. 

Decorating your website during the holiday shows that your business is also a part of your targeted customers’ celebrations.

As a result, you will create a good impression and more excellent value for your customers.

3. Enhance product image

As customers rely on the product image to shop online, ensuring an attractive product image is inevitable.

But how do you make a product image attractive?

Outsourcing professional photo retouching services will let you focus on other things during such a rush.

But, simultaneously, you get the best result from the hired agency.

4. Optimize the site’s speed

Website speedoptimization-Tech Cloud Ltd

Optimizing your website’s loading speed is vital. A website’s speed is a significant factor in customer experience and Google search ranking.

Analyze your website’s loading speed constantly during the holiday season to ensure your customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

5. Improve the shopping experience

You want your customers to checkout quickly because long, fiddly online checkouts can be a massive barrier to sales. 

The primary reason is that over half of internet shopping is now on mobile.

To ensure the best shopping experience, you must test the checkout process constantly.

So a good place to start with streamlining your checkout is to test, test, and test again.

6. Ease site navigation

The better and easy navigation your site will be, the more customers and retention you will receive.

What would be your website’s purpose if your customers don’t find what they want?

Your site structure can make or break your user experience. 

But making a minimalistic site with a smooth user experience would boost your business.

7. Can it handle the traffic?

Generally, most eCommerce business sees a boost in their traffic. But, in this case, is your hosting cooled enough to handle the holiday traffic surge?

You might lose much traffic if your site goes offline during the surge or slows down.

The best way to deal with such a situation is to ensure a quality site’s hosting.

Be it a small or large website, upgrading your website’s hosting to cope with the holiday rush would ensure your site’s stability.

8. All device-friendly 

Make responsive website-Tech Cloud Ltd

Over the years, customers’ shopping behavior has shifted from desktop to mobile devices.

It means it is high time you considered optimizing your eCommerce business for all devices.

Developing an app would be a plus point. Still, you should optimize and test if your website runs throughout any smartphone or device.

9. Add a gift with purchases

A business wins when it offers different irresistible offers, especially during the holidays.

Either you can gift items or vouchers or both to retain more customers and execute word-of-mouth marketing successfully.

Gifts make people happy, and sharing happiness during holidays will benefit your business.

10. Promote with a giveaway

Of all the different effective marketing methods, a brand activation campaign or online competition is one of the most effective ways of promoting the brand.

And during holidays, people tend to participate in these types of competitions.

Most customers want to add excitement to their celebrations.

11. Opt for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a buzzword in the marketing world. On holidays, there are many shows broadcast across the nation. And that, too, is watched and viewed by many.

These TV shows create an excellent ground for influencer marketing.


Well, most of us have an idol. Suppose our icon uses this product during the holiday purchased from that website.

As followers, we would have the urge to follow the same footpath.

12. Run a creative ad campaign

A successful ad campaign can boost your business’s growth overnight.

Before running your ad campaign, look at your competitors, analyze and then go for your ad campaign.

13. Execute marketing email

Email marketing is one of the most prominent in the conventional marketing world.

But any retailer that fails to make the most of the holiday season is making a big mistake.

So plan to send several emails and execute them properly and timely.

14. SEO optimize your website

Search engine optimization-Tech Cloud Ltd

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most effective marketing strategy to rank your website on the search engine and drive more organic traffic to the website.

Plan to get the best SEO result during the holidays, as SEO takes some time to rank your site.

SEO will help your website appear similar to searches for “gift guides” peak every December.

15. Show excellent customer support

Should your customers have any queries or requests, or complaints about your eCommerce, setting up the best customer service would help you retain more customers.

Holidays remain rush time. And ensuring quality customer support would help you outweigh the competition.

Also, drive more revenue during these holidays.

16. Offer royalty vouchers

These royalty vouchers help a lot to achieve and retain more customers.

For instance, personalize a gift or offer bonus points for subsequent orders.

This may only sometimes be possible, especially during extra-busy periods, but use it if you have the capacity.

17. Ensure shipping policies

Everyone loves free shipping, and if that happens during the holiday, there would be a significant impact on the orders.

To show you how impactful free shipping is, the average uptick in conversions is between 25–40%.


There you have it: 17 ways to boost your sales throughout the holiday (and in many ways, beyond).

Choose and implement as many relevant suggestions as possible, and we’ll cross our fingers and toes that you’ll have your most successful winter ever!

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