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Hiring an SEO Agency: Are They Really Worth Your Money?


Hiring an SEO Agency - Tech Cloud Ltd

Perhaps, you are here to understand and find out whether investing money in an agency is a good idea or not while you have a website.

Well, you should — to rank on top of the search list.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media, which is possible with the assistance of a professional SEO service.

As of the recording date of a report, around 1.11 billion websites exist in the World, of which 18% of these websites are active and 82% are inactive.

In such a gigantic world of websites, where does your website stand now?

Of course, your business niche might have a smaller count, but are you at the top of those existing websites of similar businesses?

Who are your competitors, and what are they doing to outweigh you from the competition regardless if you are focused on quality and customers?

Read on to find out the role of an SEO company and give you an idea of whether you should invest in SEO companies.

What does SEO mean?

What is SEO - Tech Cloud Ltd

Search Engine Optimization, shortly known as SEO, is the most heard term by marketers and stakeholders thanks to its beneficial output.

Basically, it is a combination of multiple steps associated with ranking a website on top of the search engines (primarily Google) for a particular business niche.

Therefore, it requires several steps and time to get the desired result.

Now that you know the role of SEO, let’s give you a holistic journey so you can make a rational decision.

What does an SEO agency do for businesses?

Businesses build their website not only to ensure online presence but with the aim to bring in more traffic.

Once a website starts getting traffic, this means that the website thrives in delivering a tangible user experience and carries what a user is looking for.

It will continue generating leads.

What will those leads ensure?

Sales are always business core purpose - Tech Cloud Ltd.

The answer is sales. This is always the core purpose of every business.

Now a question may arise, How do you start bringing traffic to your website, and start selling? Here comes the role of an SEO company.

A competent and experienced SEO agency employs SEO experts, strategists, content developers, and relevant professionals to help a business rank its site online and stay at the top of the competition.

Generally, SEO agencies follow a straightforward process that includes:

  • Define the target market and its audience
  • Sort the keywords according to the website niche, audience, and relevant factors
  • Seek scope for quality backlinks
  • Develop content following the target keywords

The primary purpose of the above steps is to make Google understand that this is the best, most relevant result you can show your users.

Let’s say you have decided to do these on your own. In this case, when will you focus on the core of your business?

Obviously, learning something new takes time and effort.

If you are new at SEO, perhaps, practicing this process on your business site is not a good idea.

But if you let an SEO company do it, you would be able to focus on the business and save time and effort.

Besides, each search engine has a different ranking algorithm, so it’d be tedious to stay with the trend, update your website constantly and rank your site.

Letting an agency do it would be much easier and helpful for you to do business efficiently.

One more thing!

You may not get traffic instantly because, through SEO, it takes time to outrank your competitors.

The reason “may” is used is that traffic does not always guarantee a more significant number of leads and sales.

What are the ways to collaborate with SEO agencies?

Team with an SEO Agency - Tech Cloud Ltd.

Of all different platforms, Google generates the lion’s share of organic traffic for a website.

About 57.80% of organic traffic comes from Google. To rank your website, you may need an agency if you don’t know how to apply SEO to your site.

Generally, a professional SEO company doesn’t hide anything from you, so they stay as transparent as possible. 

If you don’t know what SEO is and how it works, you may not get the best out of the money you are investing. 

However, you can always ask for updates or a report that would give you a holistic idea of work progress for which you don’t need proficiency in SEO or any technical knowledge.

In such circumstances, remember to ask for a simplified report from your chosen agency.

Regardless of how often you intend to deal with an agency, trust comes first, and that, too, depends on constant communication.

This communication can be held virtually or physically according to the client’s preferences. 

Let your thoughts flow, which is the process we follow before signing any agreement for SEO.

While we pitch our customers directly for SEO services, we often receive requests/questions regarding SEO and pricing.

In those instances, we ask for requirements precisely so that we can analyze and offer the best price.

Price quotation depends upon various factors associated with successful SEO; those are

  • Keyword Research and Sorting
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Rank for those keywords
  • Organic traffic
  • Quality and quantity of backlinks

Pondering the factors mentioned above and others (if necessary), we determine the cost for the overall project and add an approximate period of the result.  

Most SEO companies follow a similar process to understand clients’ requirements, pricing, and selection, and finally, onboard clients.

Hence, stakeholders are used to this smooth process. 

the first result in google has the highest organic ctr

Organic traffic vs. rank on search engines. (Source)

Do all SEO agencies follow the same steps?

Whether collaborating with your existing marketing team or becoming a dedicated team to cater to your business, a recognized SEO company with decent market experience would be competent to deliver services that can fulfill customer requirements.

Undoubtedly, thousands of SEO companies exist in the market, so it is pretty apparent to fall into a puzzling situation: where should you invest your money, or will they be able to meet your requirements like a top SEO company?

Now the answers to these questions are quite correlative to the factor of the services they offer.

For example, most SEO companies offer 360-degree services; if not, you will at least get basic support.

On another note, SEO companies who pledge to offer faster results and unreasonable hope those cases are different.

It is an open secret that those companies do Black Hat SEO to get an eye-catching temporary result that might damage your site in the long run. Or, they may be fake. 

Coming back to the steps that companies follow, it is evident that all the companies follow a standard process to perform SEO on each website.

Here are the vital stages of SEO that every SEO company follows:

Keyword research

Keyword research might sound very technical.

Although it is, to some extent, it refers to the search queries a customer puts on while searching for their desired result. 

After completing the audit, doing a keyword analysis is the first step that many SEO companies do, which makes the job half done because it creates awareness of what the targeted audience of a business is searching for.

For instance, you are selling ‘Chocolate.’ So you want to find out the keywords your targeted audiences are using to find chocolate near them.

Maybe, you will find keywords such as ‘Chocolate for Christmas,’ ‘Chocolate Box Price,’ ‘Chocolate Shop near me,’ and so on.

There are many tools out there to do keyword research for you.

For instance, Ahrefs, Semrush, and LongtailPro are the most popular tools to do keyword research.

While analyzing the keywords for a site, we, as an SEO agency, understand the metrics carefully.

Following those parameters helps choose a suitable set of keywords.

Initiate optimization

Site optimization signifies the need to make a site user-friendly and optimized.


Page optimization is the next step of SEO optimization because it deals with helping a site to become worth indexing.

So, rather than partially optimizing a site, we ensure that all the pages/whole website is optimized.

Typically, there are two types of optimization, (i) On-Page Optimization and (ii) Off-Page Optimization.

On-page SEO optimization

On-page optimization refers to elevating a page’s overall performance by improvising the whole page according to search engine guidelines.

Generally, On-Page SEO optimization entails Page-Title, Meta-Description, Content Segmentation and optimization, Image Optimization, and more.

Other factors a well-rounded SEO agency should tell you about

While we work on optimizing the website as a part of the SEO process, we also begin technical work in the backend. This technical part of SEO involves.

  • Index Status
  • Crawl budget
  • Crawl errors
  • Internal links
  • Sitemaps
  • Site/page speed
  • Redirects
  • Broken links
  • HTTP
  • AMP

Apart from the above steps, as a quality SEO service provider, we also focus on the dynamic and functional part of the website with the view to ensuring the maximum and tangible result. For instance, 

Improve user experience (UX)

Of course, quality SEO generates organic traffic to a website.

But before you know it, those leads might jump from your website to your competitor because of poor user experience. 

vcND1u0nEeBZVDuQe FjN3

Figure 1: How UX Design Impacts Business (Source)

Figure 1 shows that good UX design can retain a 200% potential increase in conversion rate. 

Currently, a website’s UX should be focused more.

In our experience, we have seen many websites missing the most vital element- a better user experience than their competitors. 

This is why we, as a quality SEO service provider, offer website design and development services so that our clients can provide a better user experience to their customers and build trust toward a long-term relationship.

Any device friendly

The first thing you want to ensure is that your site is compatible with all kinds of devices out there, especially smartphones. 

81% of internet users prefer to surf the web on their phones. Therefore, making your site device-friendly will reward you with more leads and, eventually, a conversion.

Improve the site’s performance

Ranking at the top is not a piece of cake, as vast competition exists.

Like you, others are striving to get on the first page. So, in this competition, would you not want your site to attract more audiences?

Most importantly, improving site performance and improving the loading of your speed will definitely help you stand out.

Users love that site, which loads faster than others.

Quality backlinks over quantity

When you are new in the competition, you can take support from the big shots by getting backlinks for your site.

Subsequently, these backlinks will not only help you generate traffic only for a time; preferably, a quality backlink can serve your site for eternity.

Very clever of you if you are thinking of buying quality or the best backlinks with money.

Mind you, if the search engine finds out, your site may be hit by a Google penalty

How you may ask? Well, whether you monitor or not, the search engine monitors your site; when it suddenly notices that your new site is getting phenomenal traffic, your site will become vulnerable immediately.

Enhance website performance

Now website performance not only focuses on the loading speed of a website but covers the overall experience.

Ensuring organic traffic, reducing the page loading time, and bounce rate are the primary aspects that should be covered while optimizing site performance.

Read Also: Website Design Principles

Service & result timeline

To get an effective result from SEO, considering the service and result timeline is a great factor.

Now, it is vital to ponder the fact that SEO takes time and it should be a ‘One-Time’ thing for your business.

Instead, it needs to be continuous and consistent if you want to get the desired result. 

When asked, a good SEO company shares its strategy/ plan and a tentative timeline which is 6-9 months.

We, as an SEO service providing company, quote a minimum of six (6) months to achieve a satisfactory, or to term it properly, initial outcome.

To summarize their plan, it talks about the steps they are going to follow, and how and the approximate time.

How to hire an SEO agency for a business?

Primary qualities of an SEO agency

Undoubtedly, you want to hire the best SEO company in Bangladesh to do SEO on your website.

Hiring an SEO agency according to your preference, and of course, your preference always has the best hand in the house, there are several aspects of an agency that you need to pay heed to; otherwise, the whole hire may go in vain. 

Intending to facilitate you in hiring the best SEO expert (s), here is a list of the primary qualities of an SEO agency to look at while hiring:

Adequate experience in SEO

For an SEO service-providing company, their expertise- a combination of SEO specialists, Content Developers, and other associated hands- plays a significant role.

Therefore, looking at the team profile and overall company portfolio would give you a comprehensive idea of their competency.

However, with experience in SEO and catering to customers, an SEO company can handle global and local clients from any industry efficiently. 

Technically proficient

When you hire an SEO service provider for your business, ensure that they have expertise in both On-Page and Off-Page SEO and access to premium tools.

Doing so will give you enough confidence that they are worth performing SEO on your website.

Growth mindset

Definitely, an SEO service provider works in a particular and straightforward way than anyone else in this industry. 

For example, while we initiate a project, we discuss the ins and outs with our clients, which creates a bridge between understanding and moving toward a long-term relationship.

So, Should I hire an SEO company?

If you haven’t hired anyone yet, it is high time you ought to talk to an SEO company now.  

To be very specific, we would recommend hiring an SEO agency or a company that has hands-on experience, competency, a tendency to do long-term business, and is credible for your preferred industry.

Although it might take a longer time to get the result, you surely will get the most out of it if it is appropriately done, maintaining ethical standards.

Outranking your competitors with just a few steps.

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