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Top-Notch Ecommerce Photo Retouching Services

With the growing number of eCommerce businesses, standing out in the crowd has become inevitable for growing sales, or else you might lose potential clients. Image editing services can make your product image more presentable and authentic. 

Most online stores require a clear and original image of the products they want to sell. Therefore, an eCommerce photo retouching service is vital for online stores and the marketplace. For the eCommerce industry, product photo retouching refers to adjusting images through associated steps to make images visually appealing and pull more customers.

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Why do you need eCommerce photo retouching services?

Generally, eCommerce companies have to upload and deal with many product photos. Given that, editing all the raw images is strenuous; hence, you need a trusted partner to edit your pictures to make them attractive. In addition, outsourcing eCommerce product photo retouching service also offers several benefits, as such:

Best Pricing

Price plays the most significant role in helping you decide to choose one. We are recognized for offering the lowest cost possible to our clients. Affordability is the most highlighted of all the advantages of our eCommerce photo editing services. Our service pricing starts from 50¢/per image.

 Faster Delivery

We can deliver more than 5200 images daily, thanks to our team of more than 200 experts. In addition, we offer 24×7 services which means a faster turnaround time without compromising the quality of work. 

Professional Touch

The decision to buy a product online largely depends on how the product is displayed on the shopping website. In this case, uploading raw images of products is very risky and limited. We employ the best of the best image editors and are also guiding them to ensure quality editing for each image.  

 Market Experience

We have worked with more than  300 clients from various industries across the globe over the years, which increased our confidence in keen eCommerce product photo retouching. We thrive to ensure clients’ satisfaction by applying the best method for each order.

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Our eCommerce Product Photo Retouching Services Includes!

The primary purpose of eCommerce photo retouching services includes color correction and background adjustment. In addition to these steps, perfect results might also need cropping, contrast and brightness fixing, removal of tags, noise reduction, and others. Our team of experts can work on your images and do the necessary editing. From the practice of nurturing long-term customer relationships, Tech Cloud Ltd. provides consistent support to ensure satisfaction. 

Our eCommerce photo retouching offers – 

  • Background Adjustment
  • Color correction
  • Image Masking/ Shadow Masking
  • Product Retouching
  • Ghost Mannequin

Background Adjustment

To make your product stand out, you will need a killer background. If a dull background is used in an image, it might result in the opposite, damaging the company’s reputation. Adjusting the background considering the product’s nature, color, and size would be the best choice if you want an image to thrive. Our photo editing experts can remove a background from an image and replace it with a suitable set so it looks appealing.

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Ecommerce Photo Retouching beforeEcommerce Photo Retouching after

Color correction or matching

Product image must create a great impression, resulting in a favorable purchase decision. To make the desired impression, a photo ought to have an original look balanced with proper enhancement. Of all the steps of our photo editing services, color correction can adjust a product’s color in the image. This service also includes recoloring so that products look authentic.

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Image Masking/ Shadow Masking

All image editing requires keen eyes and expertise to pull the best out of an image. Of different types of editing, Photoshop image masking is the most critical one as it deals with styling hairstyles or furry objects. Although this technique is mostly used for retouching fashion photography, it can also be used for other photography. Besides regular masking, adding shadows to an image can bring a realistic look. Shadows have various types and variations like drop shadow, natural shadow, and reflecting shadow; these individual shadows have their requirements according to different clients.

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Product Retouching

Often, photographed images need further enhancement through a combination of techniques such as skin tone correction, blemish removal, fixing wrinkles, and many other necessary fixings. The purpose of this service is to rectify its essence and beautify a product. It also can be used in landscape photography, real estate photography, and many other sectors of photography and photographers.

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Ghost Mannequin

For the apparel industry, ghost mannequin service is a must because most of the cloth images are clicked with a mannequin. In this case, we help you detach the fashion dummy from the actual product. It makes a product stand out and allows bringing out a more realistic 360-degree look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • An outsourced eCommerce photo retouching service provider ought to have a characterized bit-by-bit process for new clients. We follow a simple and time-saving method to onboard our clients. We, at the very beginning,  gather all the briefs and requirements from our clients and provide a tentative delivery date. Then, upon mutual understanding, we go for an agreement. This is how we start collaborating with our clients and move a step toward building a long-term relationship.
  • Many outsourced photo editing service providers offer AI-based image retouching services. There are risks associated with this kind of service, considering you need an image that should look natural and striking to work out. Being a preferred image retouching service provider, we ensure the best output by levering the best practices.
  • Having years of experience in providing global clients from many countries, we have achieved versatility and flexibility to help businesses grow. Whether your business is apparel, real estate or modeling, or any other, we can help you.
  • Our usual turnaround time for photo editing services is 24-48 hours. But, the project completion time may vary considering project complexity, format, image size, and volumes.
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