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Generating more sales is something every eCommerce business owner wants. And when it comes to sales, product images often play an essential role.

This is one of the reasons many eCommerce business owners choose photo editing services to optimize their product photos.

Out of many photo editing techniques, clipping paths are top-rated. Your product images can be clipped in multiple ways using clipping path services.

This article will discuss different types of clipping path techniques and how they can be applied to create better sales-driven images.

What is a clipping path?

Clipping Path is a technique that uses the Pen Tool to create a closed vector path to separate a 2D object from its background.

In simple terms, the Clipping Path is an image editing technique that is utilized to isolate a subject and remove the unnecessary background/objects from a picture.

Following the application of the clipping path, everything inside the path will be included. In contrast, anything outside the path will be excluded from the result.

Through clipping path, you can:

  • Remove undesirable elements from a picture.
  • Remove or replace objects from a photograph.
  • Change or eliminate the backdrop from an image.
  • Use multipath to create recoloring.
  • Draw a path in the desired shape.

Six types of clipping paths help to create outstanding images for your eCommerce store that allows visitors to attract in making decisions. Let’s discover which one is most suited for your product images:

Basic clipping path

Basic Clipping Path - Tech Cloud Ltd

When your product image has a simple shape, it is best to use a basic clipping path. It will often need fewer anchor points to outline these things.

A basic clipping path can be used for simple pictures (straight line or oval shape) with no holes.

For example, the backdrop of the chair or a ball may be easily removed from an image through a basic clipping path.

List of product images where a basic clipping path is best to use:

  • Mobile, watches, cameras, glass, and books.
  • Plates, cups, bottles, and spoons.
  • Balls, triangle boxes, caps, etc.

If your business sells one or multiple items mentioned in this list, then a basic clipping path service is most appropriate for your product images.

Medium clipping path

The medium clipping path is more challenging than the simple one. A medium clipping path is necessary for product photos with multiple holes and designs inside the images.

As a result, it takes extra time and effort. Medium clipping path is suitable for these types of product images:

  • Basic jewelry, artwork, apparel, toys, automobile components, and watches.
  • Group shoes, double shoes, group foods, and so on.

Complex clipping path

Complex clipping path - Tech Cloud Ltd

A complex clipping path is more complicated than a medium clipping path technique. Trees and baskets are ideal examples of where a tricky clipping path fits.

A large number of anchor points are required in a complex clipping path.

Assume the picture has numerous complicated forms and corners, highlighting curves, more than ten holes, and many relative paths. In that case, a complex clipping path is the most promising option.

Product images that require complex clipping path:

  • Chain, group people, furniture, group bracelets.
  • Furry dolls, jewelry, net, group images, cycle, etc.

Multiple clipping paths

Multiple clipping path - Tech Cloud Ltd

A multi-clipping path is a complex job that includes additional paths precisely crafted within the photo.

It isolates various parts in a photo so they may be edited, recolored, or cut out of the image independently.

Multiple clipping paths are required when changing the image’s size, color, opacity, etc. These tasks take time since numerous things need to be edited.

The main objective is to catch several components and edit them accordingly.

List of products where multiple clipping path methods are used:

  • Fashion catalogs, garment items, jewelry items, materials/images of fashion design.
  • Web template design, interior design, kitchenware, 2D/3D interior design, etc.

Super complex clipping path

Supe complex clipping path - Tech Cloud Ltd

Super complex clipping path deals with the most intricate and complex photos. Some items are so complicated that even complex and multiple-level clipping approaches can’t easily detach them.

These pictures have multiple holes and incorporate the transparency and intricacy of the fence and a gate-like structure. Many paths and anchor points are required for the horizontal and vertical zigzag design or shape.

For example, suppose you want to path a shade tree with hundreds of leaves, but the leaves do not cover the entire surface, and there are several gaps in these kinds of images; you must use a super complex clipping path.

Types of images where a super complex clipping path is needed:

  • A collection of intricate jewelry or wirework, pet cages, a pile of furry items, and cut-out furniture pieces.
  • Fine-edge jewelry, flower bouquets, various natural items, trees, drops of water, juice or soft drinks, and so on.

In conclusion

No matter what type of images your eCommerce business uses or what kind of product you sell, there are different types of clipping path strategies you can choose from.

Whether you sell garments items, jewelry, or any product, a professional clipping path service is essential to make your products look exceptional.

Depending on the images, the optimum clipping path technique can be applied for the best outcome.

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