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Unique Restaurant Web Design Ideas - Tech Cloud Ltd

These days, most people use the internet to find information about businesses, including restaurants. Before dining in or ordering food online, the first thing they check is the restaurant’s website.

Depending on how the site looks, it may either appeal to them or deter them from dining in. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your restaurant website looks the way your potential customers want it to.

In this blog, we will explore the top 15 restaurant web design ideas to help you design or redesign your website.

What’s more, we’re going to provide you with practical, easy-to-implement tips inspired by each of these ideas for responsive web design for restaurants!

Get ready to be amazed and learn from the best in the business.

Top 15 Restaurant Web Design Ideas to Transform Your Website

Sometimes you might feel uninspired, confused, or lacking direction on how to improve your restaurant website.

No need to worry! Below, you will find ideas for the best responsive web design for restaurants.

So, Grab a cup of coffee, a notepad with a pen, and let’s explore together!

1. La Barraca

La Barraca Restaurant website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall web design rating – 7.5 out of 10

Website Overview:  La Barraca is a tapas restaurant situated in Maastricht, Netherlands. Its website design features a clean and modern aesthetic with a high-quality hero image showcasing various Mediterranean tapas dishes.

The design keeps text to a minimum, presented against a white and warm background for easy readability. Additionally, the website features numerous customer reviews.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • Showcasing a variety of your most popular or visually appealing dishes in the hero image looks great!
  • Including your opening hours in your website design can help visitors have a clear idea of when they can dine in.
  • Using customer testimonials can enhance the social proof and credibility of your website.
  • Including a menu listing the food items you offer makes it easy for customers to plan and decide.
  • La Barraca utilized a tidy FAQ section on its homepage. You can give it a try too!

2. Adda

Adda Restaurants Website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall web design rating7 out of 10

Website overview: Adda is an Indian restaurant that offers wholesome Indian foods. Founded in 2018, it focuses on unapologetically authentic Indian dishes and creating a welcoming space for hanging out.

The website design showcases a warm and inviting aesthetic, featuring multiple large hero images of delicious Indian dishes.

The homepage is designed with minimal content, and the navigation is user-friendly, with clear tabs labeled “Menu” and “Contact” and several other buttons.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • Using a close-up hero image can display the intricate details and quality of your food.
  • A warm color scheme with pops of color can create an inviting and appetizing atmosphere on your website.
  • Clearly displaying your ordering options, such as online ordering, in-store pickup, or delivery is useful for the visitors.
  • Including a section for images or slideshows can help you showcase your food items.
  • Showcasing your bakers or chefs and their stories on your website can add a personal touch, just like Adda does.

3. Bevri

Bevri Restaurants Website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall web design rating: 8 out of 10

Website overview: This beautiful website design is for a restaurant called Bevri. From our first impression, it appears that every element of the web design has been crafted with thought and care.

The text is centered and easy to read, set against a dark background with a subtle texture. The website features multiple eye-catching images of Georgian food.

Additionally, there are sections labeled “Take it home” and “We Deliver,” indicating that the restaurant offers takeout and delivery services.

Overall, the harmonious use of black and white colors on this website impressed us the most.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • Using a simple and elegant design that reflects the ambiance of your restaurant is definitely worth considering!
  • Bevri places a strong emphasis on its logo. If your restaurant has an eye-catching logo, featuring it prominently in your website design can enhance your branding.
  • combining simple colors can lead to stunning design outcomes!
  • If you take reservations, integrating an online reservation system is important.
  • Bevri uses a clear and large button for the food menu just below the introductory content. You can implement this as well to enhance the user experience!
  • Consider featuring takeout options prominently on your website if you offer them.
  • Mentioning your delivery areas on the homepage can be helpful for your visitors.

4. Brasserie Blanc

Brasserie Blanc Website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall web design rating: 7 out of 10

Website overview: Simple, minimalist, nostalgic – that’s the vibe we get from Brasserie Blanc‘s website design. It’s not fancy, yet it exudes elegance and class. The color and design might even evoke memories of the good old days.

While the homepage doesn’t have much text content, there are some small-font texts under the hero image, which we’re not fond of.

However, we liked the unique look of the left-side navigation panel. If you appreciate a less modern but classy design, this restaurant design concept might just inspire you.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • The main reason people visit a restaurant website is for the food. Therefore, it is important to use plenty of high-quality food images.
  • Just like this restaurant’s web design, using an easy-to-navigate navigation bar is beneficial for visitors.
  • Sometimes it’s okay to keep the web design simple and straight to the point!
  • You don’t need to use a lot of colors to create an elegant website.

5. Cafe Express

Cafe Express Restaurant Website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall web design rating: 9 out of 10

Website Overview: The website of Cafe Express is one of our favorite restaurant web design examples. Our first impression was “This is what a restaurant website should look like!”

With a well-organized design, prominent CTRs, easy-to-read navigation menus, and an abundance of mouthwatering food images, this example of responsive web design for restaurants is something you should check out.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • Utilize a variety of high-quality images that highlight your restaurant’s cuisine and atmosphere.
  • Using multiple call-to-action buttons in a user-friendly way is a great idea!
  • Presenting your menus in a visually appealing and well-organized manner can attract visitors.
  • Highlighting your products and promotions using clear and concise language can help users comprehend your offerings.
  • Minimalistic design can be gorgeous! Cafe Express has created a stunning design by using a simple color palette and options.
  • Using a light background, such as white, can create a calming and inviting web design.
  • Strategically Leveraging whitespace can help create distinct sections and improve readability on your website!

6. Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung Restaurant Website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall design rating – 8 out of 10

Website overview: Started in Taiwan, Din Tai Fung is a Chinese restaurant known for its soup dumplings and noodles. Their website is a dream for minimalist restaurant owners.

With its clean design and lack of overwhelming colors, content, and banners, the restaurant’s website is easy on the eyes.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • Using a video does not necessarily mean slowing down a website. Din Tai Fung used a high-quality, optimized video in their hero image section while keeping the website fast.
  • Strategically using simple colors with plenty of white space can create a mesmerizing design that looks stunning!
  • Having a “subscribe to email” option on your website can help boost your marketing efforts and improve connections with your customers.
  • Use clear and concise navigation to make it easy for visitors to find the information they are looking for.
  • Consider offering your website in multiple languages if your target audience speaks more than one language. Consult with your preferred web development agency to implement this.
  • Using minimal text can be effective. However, consider including a brief description of your restaurant’s concept or cuisine to provide visitors with a better understanding of your offerings.

7. El Pez

El Pez - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall design rating – 9 out of 10

Website overview: El Pez is a sushi restaurant located in San Diego. Its website features a large, high-quality hero image in the center showcasing a variety of delicious dishes.

The text is minimal and easy to read, set against a white and textured wood background. The website navigation uses clear tabs with animated hovering effects. They also provide a visually stunning menu.

We love their use of the woody background and bright white text. The overall web design gives us the feeling of being at home.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • El Pez brings life to its website by using a combination of natural colors, images of people hanging out, and food. You can implement this on your website as well!
  • Focusing on a specific social media channel can be beneficial for restaurant owners. They did it by adding an Instagram button and a call-to-action to attract followers.
  • Incorporating simple animations into your navigation menus can add elegance to your web design!
  • Adding testimonials can make your web design look more appealing.
  • If your location is a selling point, consider mentioning it on the homepage or including a map.

8. Francie

Francie restaurant website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall design rating – 7 Out of 10

Website overview: Francie‘s web design looks simple and classy with a dark green background spanning from top to bottom.

When you visit their website, the first thing you’ll notice is the slideshow of their food images, followed by a section for booking a table and another section for gift cards.

One notable feature is their navigation panel, which contains a total of ten buttons. This may seem unusual, but it can be quite useful for visitors.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • Are you a fan of rustic or handwritten fonts? Consider using these types of fonts for your restaurant name or logo to create a specific ambiance!
  • A dark background can be elegant, but make sure to use high-contrasting text colors to ensure readability!
  • Center-aligned text can be visually interesting for short amounts of text.
  • Integrating your contact information prominently into the design can be effective for providing important information right away.

9. Jean-Georges

Jean-Georges Restaurant Website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall design rating – 8 Out of 10

Design overview: Out of all the restaurant website design examples we’ve explored, the website of Jean-Georges is probably the most visually rich.

No matter which page you visit, you will find numerous images of Jean-Georges restaurants and delicious foods. The entire site is designed with a white color theme, making it look clean and inviting to explore.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • Using a collage-style hero image can make your restaurant website design stand out and be unique!
  • Subtle animations can enhance interactivity and user engagement. Just be sure to avoid anything too distracting.
  • To enhance your restaurant’s concept or showcase your signature dish, consider layering text on your hero image, Although the text on the Jean-Georges website is minimal.
  • Consider incorporating interactive elements to provide visitors with a more immersive experience of your restaurant.

10. La Madeleine

La Madeleine Website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall design rating – 8 Out of 10

Website overview: La Madeleine‘s website features a clean and modern aesthetic with a large hero image in the center showcasing a variety of pastries.

The text is minimal and readable, set against a white background. What stands out most in their web design is their “accessible view” feature and a prominent “Order Now” button in the top right corner.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • Showcasing a variety of your most popular or visually appealing dishes on the hero image can help visitors get an idea of your offerings.
  • Consider showcasing your daily or seasonal specials on the homepage with high-quality images and detailed descriptions.
  • It is important to have a separate section or a prominent button for online ordering functionality if you accept online orders.
  • Adding an accessible view function is an excellent way to make your website design more inclusive!

11. Quince Restaurant

Quince Restaurant Website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall design rating – 8 Out of 10

Design overview: Storytelling can be beautifully blended with web design, as demonstrated by Quince Restaurant‘s website.

The homepage features a simple logo and introductory text at the top, followed by three stunning images of their restaurant to give visitors a virtual experience.

The unique look of the navigation panel also caught our attention.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • Use an image that tells a story about the dining experience at your restaurant, similar to how Quince showcases their table setting.
  • Using a warm color palette can create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere on your website.
  • If you take reservations, consider placing a prominent call-to-action button to encourage visitors.
  • Utilizing new web design trends can make your website stand out, just like this restaurant website design idea!
  • The Quince restaurant website has a section for their service days and times, which is helpful for customers. You can also add a dedicated section to your website.

12. Red Bamboo

Red Bamboo Restaurant Website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall design rating – 7.5 Out of 10

Design overview: This beautiful website was designed for the vegan restaurant named “Red Bamboo.” The design features a large banner showcasing mouthwatering displays of their food items.

The overall design is clean and modern; however, we feel that a clearer hierarchy is needed to make it easier to find specific information.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • Placing the logo in the center of the main banner on your website can create a great look!
  • Incorporating scroll animation and other web design principles can add a dynamic touch to your website design!
  • Including opening hours in a dedicated section can enhance the beauty of your website!
  • Including multiple social media buttons is a great idea to boost your marketing results!
  • Ensure your takeout menus or ordering options are easily accessible on your website if you offer takeout.

13. Sono Japanese Restaurant

Sono Japanese Restaurant Website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall design rating – 7 Out of 10

Website overview: Sono Japanese restaurant is in Brisbane that prides itself on preserving tradition.

While their homepage may not have many sections to explore, they have successfully organized all the necessary information on a single page with a sleek black-themed approach.

The restaurant web design example exudes a traditional Japanese vibe with mesmerizing artwork.

However, we did notice that the site loads a bit slower compared to other restaurant web design examples.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • Adding a traditional touch to your web design can make it unique, especially if you offer traditional foods.
  • The food should be the main focus of a hero image, as demonstrated well on Sono’s website.
  • Integrating Instagram into your design is a great way to showcase your latest food images from your Instagram profile.
  • Explore subtle animations to enhance user engagement, such as Sono’s text overlay that fades in.
  • Consider a color scheme that reflects the ambiance of your restaurant. Sono uses a black-and-white color scheme with gold accents, creating a sophisticated feel.
  • Display any awards or recognitions your restaurant has earned on your website. This is a powerful strategy to establish credibility and showcase your excellence in the culinary field.

14. Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen Restaurant Website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall design rating – 8 Out of 10

Website overview: Sweetgreen is on a mission to offer real, nutritious foods to build healthier communities, and its website design properly reflects this.

From hero images to the bottom of their website, they showcase a variety of healthy food offerings in a visually pleasing way.

With a combination of green and warm colors, they have developed a website that easily appeals to natural food lovers.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • Using a large, high-quality image that takes up most of the screen is a great way to showcase your offering.
  • A clean and uncluttered layout makes the website easy to navigate, which is especially important for restaurant websites.
  • If your restaurant has an app, promote it by creating a dedicated section with a clear call-to-action (CTA).
  • Use negative space wisely. This website effectively uses negative space to draw the user’s eye to the most important information on the page.
  • Sufficient text content can be useful as long as it does not clutter the design and provides concise information.
  • Sweet Green partners with local farmers to source food. Showcase this information if it is relevant to your business as well.
  • Consider offering online ordering at your restaurant and promoting it on your website.

15. The Hungry Family

The Hungry Family - Tech Cloud Ltd

Overall design rating – 8.5 Out of 10

Website overview: The website of The Hungry Family implements a one-of-a-kind web design. From image slideshows to stunning interactive animations, this website offers a new perspective on how a restaurant website should be made.

Its combination of colors, unique use of text content, and distinctive logo make it look gorgeous and ensure an experience every food lover will appreciate.

What you can learn from this restaurant web design idea:

  • Feel free to incorporate interactive elements and animations into your website.
  • Using fancy and large-sized fonts can add a unique touch to web design.
  • If you have multiple restaurants or cafes, you can integrate them under the same umbrella of a single website.
  • The logo of your restaurant does not need to be boring or conventional. You can unleash your creativity and create something unique.

More tips for a responsive web design for your restaurant

We have provided specific tips that you can learn from each of the responsive web designs for restaurants.

Now it is time to explore some more general tips for implementing those examples of responsive web design for restaurants. Let’s explore:

Highlight seasonal offerings: Consider prominently featuring seasonal ingredients or dishes on your website.

Social media icons with hover effect: Implement social media icons with a hover effect that reveals the social media handle, adding a subtle yet creative touch.

Highlight happy hour: If you have happy hours, consider promoting them on your website.

Offer contactless delivery: If you offer contactless delivery, highlight that option on your website.

High-quality throughout the website: Make sure to use high-quality visuals across your website, not just on the hero image.

Trivia or fun facts: Include trivia or fun facts related to your restaurant or cuisine to add a touch of personality and engage visitors.

Mobile-friendly: Ensure your website is mobile-friendly, as many people use their phones to browse restaurants.

Update your location: To ensure better local SEO for your restaurant website, regularly update your location to provide accurate information.

Limited distractions: Avoid using too many animations or flashy elements that might distract visitors from the important information.

Offer a virtual tour: Consider offering a virtual tour of your restaurant using 360-degree images or a video.

Promote your chefs: Showcase your chefs and their experience or culinary philosophy on your website to add a personal touch.

Feature a loyalty program: If you have a loyalty program, consider featuring it prominently on your website.

Highlight fresh, local ingredients: Consider mentioning the use of fresh, local ingredients on your website to connect with quality-conscious customers.

Communicate with your developer: Regardless of the approach you take to build your website—whether it’s headless WordPress, templates, or custom web design—it is important to stay in touch and communicate your specific requirements to the web developer.

Search bar integration: Think about integrating a search bar into your website, especially if you have a large menu, to help visitors find specific items easily.

Ensure SEO friendliness: Your website design should not hinder your ranking on search engine results. Communicate with your developer to ensure the design is SEO-friendly. Consider hiring professional SEO services if you encounter any issues.

In Conclusion

Having the right kind of web design can be the difference between a website that attracts potential customers and one that drives them to seek alternatives.

By exploring the restaurant web design ideas and actionable tips we’ve discussed, you can confidently embark on your journey toward your ideal responsive web design for restaurants.

If you need any assistance with web design, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you implement these restaurant website design ideas.

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