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Imagine you searched for a product on Google, and you clicked one out of the many sites on that search result. As you scrolled through that site, you quickly realized it looked scam. So you got disappointed and moved to another site. 

After spending a few minutes there, you figured out they are most likely authentic, but their site looks similar to the site you visited before! So you either hesitate to buy from them or can’t trust them.

Sounds familiar? 

This is what happens when someone uses template designs for their businesses. Out of many ethical business owners, there will always be scammers. And there will be businesses you want to avoid getting associated with. 

Because templates are virtually accessible to anyone in the world if you use them, you are not only putting your business in danger of getting associated with the wrong businesses and fraudsters, but it will also be difficult for you to stand out. 

Here are some primary reasons you should use custom web design. 

Custom website design vs using a template

A template-based design provides you with pre-defined boxes to put your content, but it doesn’t give you a choice to make a unique-looking website specifically for your business. 

On the other hand, when creating a custom design website, your business requirements are fully considered.

Here are some pros and cons of both:

Pros of template-based design

  • Requires no coding knowledge
  • Cost a little
  • Easy to do the setup
  • Saves development time
  • Available demos to test

Cons of template-based design

  • Not unique
  • Limited customization options
  • It can have hidden costs
  • It may not work on all devices
  • Hard to find support
  • User experience is not considered
  • Can’t fulfill branding needs

Pros of custom web design

  • Distinctive design
  • Better user experience
  • Fully customizable
  • Fulfill business requirements
  • Higher security levels
  • Better performance
  • More professional looking
  • High-quality support

Cons of custom web design

  • Comparatively expensive
  • Takes more time to create
  • A team is needed to build it
  • Requires technical knowledge

Even though templates have some advantages, they have many more disadvantages than custom web design. If you have read this far, you already got a clearer idea of why using custom design for your website could be a wise choice.

Let’s discuss further the reasons why using custom web design is more effective for your business:

Better user experience

Responsive website design-Tech Cloud Ltd

If your website fulfills audiences’ needs and provides a good experience, visitors will likely spend more time on your website and come back often

Custom web design can be made with specific audiences in mind and could be tailored to their unique needs and desires. It will also enable you to make a well-optimized website and easy to use on all devices.

As a result, you will be able to build a user-friendly site that gives people a positive experience regardless of what type of device they might use.

Improved page loading speed 

Page loading speed should be optimized-Tech Cloud Ltd

Template-based designs often have unoptimized codes and elements that slow down the page loading speed. Additionally, you might need multiple plugins to make them usable. As a result, your site speed might get affected.

In this modern world, where people are becoming increasingly impatient, you may lose customers if your website loads slowly. The antidote to this problem could be using custom web design. It can enable you to create a website design free from buggy codes and unnecessary plugins and load faster. 

Boost sales

Every businessman like you wants to sell more of their products and services. If you use a custom design for your business website, it could help you to achieve that.  

A well-designed website could help you convert more visitors into customers. A professionally designed website can have a 200% visit-to-order conversion rate and 400% visit-to-lead conversation rate than a poorly designed website. 

You may want to consider custom web design to boost your sales.

Build trust

Trust is the foundation that any business is built upon. Without trust, no business can go far. How is a custom web design related to that? 

In reality, web design does matter when building trust and retaining customers. It may surprise you that 70% of online shoppers don’t trust poorly designed websites. So using a professional-looking design is a must for every business owner.

A custom-designed website can ensure that your website looks good and is optimized for your brand and consumers. As a result, it will foster trust and increase credibility. 

Target your audience effectively

User experienced oriented website design-Tech Cloud Ltd

Every business has different values and audiences, including yours. Your website should communicate your brand values, objectives, and visions with your targeted audience. Custom web design could help you communicate these ideas more effectively.

No template-based design is made specifically for your business and the audience. They are made in a way so that anyone can use them. You can’t use them to target your audience, nor will you be able to communicate clearly with them. 

Stand out from the competitors

A unique-looking website is needed to stand out in the competitive business world. Many businesses use templates that are virtually available to anyone. Isn’t it impossible to stand out if your website looks like others? 

If you use a custom design for your website, you can rest assured that no website looks similar to yours. Thus, it will give you a competitive edge over the business that uses readily available themes. Custom web design makes your website look distinct, and people will remember your brand more, resulting in business growth.

Wrapping up

Using a template-based design may sound more convenient, but if you look deeper, they come with many disadvantages. 

If you are serious about building trust, boosting sales, or beating the competition, consider using a custom web design for your website. It will enable you to create a unique and good-looking website that will give users a great experience and make them more likely to come back often and buy your products or services.

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