10 Law Firms Website Design Best Practices (With 20 Examples)


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Your law firm website has the potential to shape a client’s perception of your firm, which can determine whether they opt to work with you or a competitor. By developing a professional website, you can elevate your reputation as an industry leader and attract more clients to your firm.

We have examined numerous examples and curated a list of the best law firm websites. Whether your firm specializes in criminal defense, family law, or real estate law, our list aims to inspire enhancing your website, regardless of the size of your firm.

Best practices for law firm website design 

Every law firm needs a professional and informative website to attract new clients. The website needs to provide valuable information and look good at the same time.

So let’s discuss the 10 best practices to follow to create a great-looking law firm web design:

1. Showcase awards and achievements

A crucial component to consider when creating a law firm web design is the inclusion of the firm’s awards and achievements. This is an excellent opportunity to display the firm’s credentials by listing its various awards and recognitions earned over the years.

This can help to build trust with prospective clients and establish a reputation for reliability.

2. Share testimonials from satisfied clients

Incorporating testimonials on a law firm’s website is considered to be one of the best practices in lawyer website design. By reading reviews written by previous satisfied clients, potential clients could gain insight into how the firm has handled similar cases in the past.

These reviews can be displayed on the homepage or featured on the profiles of attorneys who have won cases. It is important to note that potential clients are unlikely to trust a legal firm without seeing enough social proof.

3. Display the profiles of lawyers

If your law firm has multiple attorneys, it could be advantageous for prospective clients to see photographs of them, along with relevant information about their areas of expertise and experience. 

Additionally, providing a direct contact option to their preferred attorney would be highly beneficial. Attorney website design that incorporates necessary information and photos about the lawyers facilitates attorneys in showcasing their skills and making more personal connections with potential clients.

4. Use a unique logo 

In the highly competitive legal industry, a unique logo is vital to a legal website design. It sets your firm apart from others and makes your branding distinctive. A memorable logo on your website’s homepage helps reinforce your brand in the visitors’ minds. This kind of logo will also ensure that your website stands out in a sea of similar law firm websites.

5. Simplify contact forms

Law firms must have easy-to-use contact forms on their websites. However, lengthy contact forms that request too much information might cause visitors to abandon them, so keep your forms as short as possible. You can always follow up with an email or phone call to gather additional details after someone submits their contact information.

6. Highlight your services

A law firm’s website should highlight its services prominently on the homepage. Visitors should be able to tell right away if the law firm can handle their case. Moreover, If the firm provides more than one service, it’s best to briefly describe each one on the homepage and provide more information on the particular service pages. 

7. Add some personality to the design

To establish a personal connection with potential clients, make sure to use original images and emotive language in your law firm’s website design. It is also recommended to invest in professional photography, if possible, including headshots, and office and lifestyle shots can be a good idea. This can add a touch of personality and credibility to your website.

8. Keep it simple

The minimalist design is the norm for law firm websites, featuring minimal text and high-quality visuals. Keep your legal website design simple and avoid cluttering it with unnecessary text or graphics. Strive for a clean, easy-to-navigate website that will leave a positive impression on visitors.

9. Go mobile with a responsive layout

In today’s world, the majority of people use mobile devices. So, it is essential to ensure that your website loads quickly and has a responsive layout that is optimized for mobile devices. Making visitors wait for pages to load or scroll through pages can lead to frustration and cause them to leave your site.

10. Ensure easy navigation

The bounce rate is a metric in digital advertising that measures the likelihood of visitors leaving your site immediately. To avoid this, make sure your website’s interface is user-friendly. This can be achieved by using headers, menus, and page titles that are easy to read. 

It is also helpful to make frequently used content like service descriptions, prices, and contact details easy to find. At the end of the day, an intuitive, well-organized website is what keeps visitors engaged and makes them more likely to return.

These are some of the best law firm websites you should check

1. Trey Porter law firm

Trey Porter Law website-Tech Cloud Ltd

Trey Porter Law, a leading DUI law firm in San Antonio, stands out as a top law firm website that we recommend you check out. Their website sets the standard for building credibility with potential clients. Moreover, they showcase their dependability through customer testimonials and offer a “Get Started” page to make communication seamless. The visually attractive Layout draws attention to key elements such as calls-to-action and navigation menus, highlighted by a vibrant orange hue.

Website: https://www.dwilawyerstexas.com/

2. Bick Law LLP

Bicklaw llp law firm-Tech Cloud Ltd

Bick Law LLP specializes in environmental legal issues, and its website branding reflects this emphasis. Clever puns and animals feature in the rotating background images and catchphrases on their homepage. To ensure visitors stay on target, they label their navigation bar with “exclusively environmental.” It serves as a useful tool to avoid distractions from other service inquiries.

Website: https://www.bicklawllp.com/

3. Vogel LLP

Vogel LLP law firm-Tech Cloud Ltd

Vogel LLP practices personal injury, family, and estate law. Their site is elegant, featuring all the sections one needs. Their website is a perfect example of a family law attorney website design.

This Calgary-based firm’s site has an appealing color scheme, where turquoise is the dominant color on a clean white background. The site contains an abundance of SEO-optimized content, user-friendly navigation, and a strong call to action to contact the law firm. The branding of the practice is evident throughout the website.

Website: https://vogellawyers.com/

4. Oykhman Criminal Defence Law

OYKHMAN Criminal Defence Law-Tech Cloud Ltd

The website of Oykhman Criminal Defence Law, another Calgary-based firm, has informative yet straightforward navigation. The website demonstrates how the firm handles different criminal offenses and outlines what clients can expect from the judicial system. They effectively use call-to-action buttons to direct potential customers to read testimonials, review case studies, and schedule free consultations.

Website: https://www.oykhmancriminaldefence.com/

5. Levine Family law group

LEVINE Family LAW Group-Tech Cloud Ltd

When designing a website for a law firm, it is important to consider the emotional appeal that matches the practice area. Levine Family Law Group understands this well and carefully selects images and colors that create a soothing atmosphere to encourage potential clients to reach out.

Apart from the emotional appeal, the website is also well-organized and includes all the necessary components, such as a blog, resource center, attorney bios, and reviews. This ensures that visitors can easily find the information they need. Overall, this website demonstrates what a family law attorney website design should look like.

Website: https://eastbaylevinelaw.com/

6. Chadi & Company

Chadi & Company Law Firm - Tech Cloud Ltd

Chadi & Company has implemented several effective marketing strategies on its website. They showcase their successful past projects and positive client reviews in prominent locations to create an immediate impact on visitors. Additionally, they frequently update their blog to improve SEO and promote their free consultation service.

By placing links to their reviews in visible places, they demonstrate their belief in the quality of their services. This combination of elements builds trust with prospective clients and ultimately drives business success.

Website: https://chadilaw.com/

7. Bouhan Falligant

Bouhan Falligant LLP website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Bouhan Falligant’s website showcases the team’s extensive experience and versatility across practice areas, establishing its credibility as a team of highly skilled lawyers. Their website is not only easy to navigate but also provides detailed information about the firm’s history, background, and exceptional team qualifications. 

As one of the oldest law firms in the area, Bouhan Falligant has been serving the community since 1886, and this fact is prominently displayed on its website.

Website: https://www.bouhan.com/

8. Barr & Young Attorneys

Barr & Young attorneys - Tech Cloud Ltd

Barr and Young Attorneys is a Northern California law firm specializing in estate planning, trust litigation, and elder abuse. Their website presents a simple design, trust badges, and client feedback, making it an excellent example of a top-tier website for a small law firm. 

This website achieves modern vintage branding that blends a current UX with branding that conveys the team’s experience, longstanding law firm presence, and success tradition, complete with fast loading speeds and smooth transitions.

Website: https://www.barrattorneys.com/

9. Jaszczuk P. C. Attorneys

Jaszczuk P.C. website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Jaszczuk P.C., a law firm, chose to depart from the usual approach for legal service websites by adopting bright and playful branding. This decision helped the firm to differentiate itself from others in the industry. The website’s design reflects the firm’s values and mission, with vibrant and contrasting colors serving to capture visitors’ attention. 

Along with providing helpful information, Jaszczuk P.C.’s use of unique fonts and engaging features make this website an example of an ideal lawyer website design.

Website: https://jaszczuk.com/

10. Bend Law Group

Bend law group website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Bend Law Group’s website sends an inspiring message to startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs with its “Dream Big” theme and captivating images. This website establishes trust and credibility while instilling optimism. With credibility indicators such as trust logos and media feature badges, the law firm’s website makes a strong first impression on site visitors who are seeking credible advocates to help them grow their businesses.

Website: https://www.bendlawoffice.com/

11. Vela Wood

Vela Wood website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Vela Wood, a boutique business law firm based in Texas, greets visitors with a unique dark mode design that incorporates black and white videos, modern vector graphics, and infographics. While their unconventional approach sets them apart from other corporate law websites, it aligns well with their non-traditional specialties, including venture financing, fund representation, M&A, and gaming law.

Website: https://velawood.com/

12. Marrone Law Firm LLC

Marrone Law firm LLC website - Tech Cloud Ltd

The Marrone Law Firm’s minimalistic and neutral website design exudes confidence and calm. Their headline, which is phrased as a question, immediately engages readers and allows them to make informed decisions. 

This site contains moving images and videos, which are not typically found on law firm websites. It provides visitors with more information about verdicts and settlements by hovering over individual tiles. Overall, Marrone Law Firm boasts one of the best-designed law firm websites due to its strategic and visually pleasing layout.

Website: https://marronelaw.com/

13. The Robbins Firm

Robbins law firm website - Tech Cloud Ltd

The Robbins Firm website showcases its attorneys as recognized authorities in legal matters in Atlanta. The website’s textured background, vector graphics, and italicized header font make a powerful first impression. Visitors can explore a wealth of search-engine-optimized content on various business law disputes in addition to the simple home page.

Website: https://www.robbinsfirm.com/

14. The Herbert Law Firm

The Herbert law firm website - Tech Cloud Ltd

The Herbert Law Firm website’s homepage effectively showcases its strengths, including 20 years of experience and its defense of various practice areas. By including a little bit about themselves, prospective clients can learn more about the firm and determine if it fits their needs. The site’s display of client testimonials at the bottom of the page provides excellent social proof.

Website: https://theherbertlawfirm.com/

15. Garcia & Garcia

Garcia & Garcia law firm website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Garcia & Garcia Attorneys at Law, PLLC is a law firm that specializes in complex immigration and criminal cases. In addition to handling routine family and deportation cases, they make it clear on their website that they are deeply committed to assisting their clients with their immigration issues. 

This site features an uncluttered design and entertaining animations as you scroll down. A clear call to action is also positioned above the fold. In short, their website is a perfect example of a great web design for immigration attorneys.

Website: https://garciagarcialaw.com/

16. Brownson PLLC

Brownson the law firm website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Brownson PLLC is a seasoned law firm located in Minneapolis that serves Minnesota and North Dakota. Their website has a stylish and sophisticated web design, featuring a brilliant color scheme and a strong call to action. The “About” section includes a nice touch of a map illustration, which is unusual to see on a law firm’s website and immediately draws attention.

Website: https://www.brownsonpllc.com/

17. KLC Law Firm

KLC Law Firm website - Tech Cloud Ltd

KLC Law Firm is a modern corporate formation resulting from the merger of three traditional law firms. Their website stands out with a one-of-a-kind color scheme, design, animations, and a slick, appealing font. There is a lot of white space, and social proof is heavily displayed in the facts & figures section. This exceptional law firm’s website clearly shows its sense of style in a distinct and outstanding way.

Website: https://www.klclawfirm.com/

18. Andreason Law Firm

Andreason law firm website - Tech Cloud Ltd

The Andreason Law Firm website has a refreshing law firm web design that resembles a blog or portfolio. Its “About” page contains a wealth of information about the firm’s credentials, including education and book writing experience. This adds to the website’s credibility through social proof. 

With simplicity and elegance in design and the utilization of white space, plus demonstrating a high level of social proof and credibility, this website’s design can be defined as a simple yet effective law firm website design.

Website: https://www.andreasonlawfirm.com/

19. Thorelli & Associates

Thorelli & Associates law firm website - Tech Cloud Ltd

Thorelli & Associates has a simple and easy-to-understand website design, which uses different colors to separate information without cluttering the page. The use of icons throughout the site helps readers grasp the provided services better. They also make it easy to contact them with a form at the bottom of the page.

Website: https://thorelli.com/

20. WRSMH Law

WRSMH law firm website - Tech Cloud Ltd

For more than fifty years, WRSMH Law has been representing victims of negligence and accidents in New York City. Their website has an outstanding “About Us / Attorneys” page, listed awards and recognition, and a highly engaging “Case Results” section with compelling examples.

Website: https://www.wrshlaw.com/

Wrapping up

We have presented several examples of best law firm websites, illustrating the different ways legal service providers can create an effective online presence. By ensuring best practices and learning from these best law firm websites, legal service providers can build a credible online presence and attract new clients.

If you are short on time, you can take help from a web development company like us to speed up the process. We are a top web development company in Florida that can assist you in following these above-mentioned best practices to make a great-looking law firm website. Contact us today!

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