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Family International Business (FIB)

Family International Business (FIB), based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, aims to revolutionize the export-import industry. With a diverse range of products, from leather goods to FMCG, FIB partnered with Tech Cloud Ltd. to create an eCommerce platform. Together, we developed a visually appealing website that showcases FIB’s extensive product range and commitment to quality. Our user-friendly interface and seamless integration of eCommerce functionalities ensure a smooth shopping experience. Through ongoing support, we empower FIB to expand its global presence and deliver superior products worldwide.


WooCommerce, jQuery, MySQL


International trade

Project Summary

Tech Cloud Ltd. collaborated with Family International Business (FIB) to create an eCommerce platform that revolutionizes the export-import industry. This dynamic website showcases FIB’s diverse product range, from leather goods to FMCG, with a focus on user experience and brand representation. Our team ensured seamless navigation and integrated eCommerce functionalities to facilitate smooth transactions and product management. Through ongoing support and maintenance, we guarantee the website’s security and optimized performance, empowering FIB to thrive in the competitive global market.

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Technologies Used

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Our Approach

In developing the FIB website, we conducted comprehensive research to understand the brand and its target audience deeply. Our design strategy focused on spotlighting the quality and diversity of FIB’s product range, ensuring a captivating user experience. Seamlessly integrating eCommerce functionalities facilitated smooth transactions and streamlined product management. Through ongoing support and maintenance, we ensure the website’s security and optimal performance, empowering FIB to become a globally reputed organization in the export-import industry.

Product's key features

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Minimalistic interface

Optimized Loading Speed

Optimized loading speed

Apparel & Merchandise

Product management system

Search Engine optimized

Search engine optimized

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Enabled smooth transactions

Safest and secure website

Responsive and secure

The Impact

Tech Cloud Ltd.’s website design for Family International Business (FIB) has had a significant impact. The visually appealing design effectively showcases FIB’s diverse product range and commitment to quality, enhancing the brand’s global presence. Seamless eCommerce integration has streamlined transactions and product management, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Ongoing support ensures the website’s security and optimal performance, fostering trust and loyalty among customers, ultimately driving FIB’s success in the global export-import industry.

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