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Traditional Vs Digital Marketing Service

Once Upon A Time,Marketing means go door to door and convince clients to buy specific products or services. At that time marketers try to attract the clients by showing TVC or Print Ads of specific services and products. And at that time the advertisement cost was really high. But ROI is not up to the mark. Considering the facts digital marketing service provides a chance to reduce operating costs. Thus, gather more potential prospects.

Nowadays, the time has been changed drastically. Today marketers promote their products and services using digital platforms. For the very reason, the audience ratio became higher than ever. Today we are enjoying the borderless market. Here anybody can become our potential customer.

Online marketing can be possible through using digital channels like SEO, Social Media, SEM, Web-based applications, SMS, etc.

Why digital marketing is perfect for your business?

Because you can reach more audiences, in a cost-effective way and success rate can be measured too.

Promote Your Brand Through Digital Marketing Service

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Benefits of Digital Marketing

digital marketing service
    • In Tech Cloud experts use the latest tool for professional services. Such as for SEO practices, content implementation, and back link support. Thus, we ensure maximum website traffic with more visibility.
    • The website presents your product or service to transform visitors into potential customers. Using digital marketing services, platforms and tools generate potential lead and drive high quality traffic.

  • Put your website on top of google search engine result. Using social media marketing and search engine marketing you can attract more target audience in reasonable cost with greater ROI.
  • Everybody loves to maximize their revenue and minimize costs. SEO can do wonders to make the task. It also consider as the most affordable marketing approach than other approaches. Millions of successful businesses use SEO. Goal is to grab the ranking position in SERP.
  • Branding is one of the most prominent aspects to establish business. Following the branding strategies, SEO denoted the best. Because it boosts the business to   to appear in the top. This  allows the customer to evaluate and determine the brand value.
search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Active online pesentation spreads trust among the clients. And to gain more prospects SEO plays a valuable role. If the website placed itself in the top ranks then it gets more traffic.Thus, the brand image becomes more effective than its competitors. Generally, the website is scientifically optimized by experts. Traffic can be drawn from organic or paid sources. It also makes higher sales conversion.

We provides the best SEO service.  with competitive price under 2 categories., We provide-   

  • Local SEO Service and
  • Global SEO Service
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Search Engine Marketing

When any business or person gets traffic by paying websites using a paid platform it called Search Engine Marketing or SEM. 

  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click),
  • CPC (Cost-Per-Click) or
  • CPM (Cost-Per- Thousand Impressions) method.

Search Engine Market is also known as the most effective way to promote products as well as expanding businesses. In Digital marketing-service-skilled professionals use paid advertisement which appears in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Greatest benefits of using Search Engine Market is that advertisers get the opportunity to create loyal prospects offering discounts, freebies for precise moment, and earn brand value as well as sales.

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google ads

It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon
google ads

Google Ads

Google Advertisement is the web-based advertisement platform introduced by Google. Using this platform sponsors can show their ads about products, services, offers, posts, video content, versatile applications etc.  Mesuring clicking rate sponsor paid to google.

These types of ads also called a pay-per-click. For every click, the advertiser gets new leads and paid to Google. Google ads are very much popular as digital marketing services. Because it creates brand awareness. It also works faster than SEO by getting quick clicks and impressions. The ads can be measured through PPC metrics.

Techcloud Ltd. provides below-mentioned services

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Universal App
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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be defined as the platform where brand building, sales conversion, audience engagement, and collect website traffic becomes possible. It also involves content creation, raising followers, analyzing results and run social media ads.

Popular internet-based social media platforms (right now) are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

The tasks we perform – 

  • Facebook and Instagram Marketing
  • Chatbot Integration
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
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social media marketing
social profile management

Social Profile Management

Digital marketing solutions are adequately qualified by Tech Cloud experts. To provide you with full profile management solution. Such as 

  • Content
  • Boost a post,
  • Query management handle,
  • Audience response record, etc.
  • The goal is creating brand image of the clients.  
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Data Analysis

Our digital team can easily analysis real-life competitive data that becomes helpful for clients’ strategic planning. 

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data analysis


and lets us show you the plan to reach you there.