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Clipping Path Services

Tech Cloud is a Global ITES company, more than 250 people to support the image post production Services.

Clipping path services becomes an essential service for all online-based businesses. It supports network businesses such as e-commerce, online shops, design shops, etc. Clipping a picture is the most crucial part of the e-commerce market.

Because it creates an attractive image of product collections that grab the attention of the potential prospects. Clipping path service can also be used in posters, brochures, leaflets, catalogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, photo agencies, ads, and many other regions smoothly and effectively. Best Clipping Path Service / Cut Out / Deep Etch is becoming very popular with web-based companies around the world for this reason.

Clipping Path Service can be used in the following areas : 

  • Retouching and Restoring 
  • Neck Joint Service 
  • Color Correction 
  • Photo Masking 
  • Removal of distracting dimension of pictures 
  • Clipping for desired background 
  • Image editing for grater look

clipping path services - clipping path specialist - beforeclipping path services - clipping path specialist - after

Tools of Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path is a simple photo editing service that is required for most people that work with photos digitally. This is for purposes of correction, publicity, conservation, change, etc।


Clipping Path is a static vector path used by Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to cut a portion of an image using photo editing software. 


Simply put, using a path clipping service allows the removal of an object from its original context so that it can be inserted or used without a backdrop.


Clipping Path is among the most fundamental parts of the image editing services. Moreover, it’s an essential service that makes working with images smoother. Curbing a background of the picture allows the viewer to concentrate on the most important topic of a picture while removing the irrelevant parts. It helps the editor make further adjustments, such as the backdrop.

Our Clipping path specialist

Graphic designers are professionals who, along with the skills set required for image editing, are also creative minds. Designers often must execute heavy loads of image editing because of that, when editing photos, they might lose concentration for excessive focus. But in Tech Cloud we always switch our experts or complete the task min shifting duties that quality can be ensured.

Clipping Path is a simple photo editing service that is required for most people that work with photos digitally. This is for purposes of correction, publicity, conservation, change, etc. The following are just a few categories where a more specific set of criteria determines the clipping path:-


  • Photography 
  • Photo Studio houses 
  • Digital Ecommerce chain stores 
  • advertising agencies
  •  publishing 
  • online fashion shops
photo retouching services - photo editing services - before 2photo retouching services - photo editing services - after 2


and get to know the quality of our work, price of the task and speed of our team.

Types of Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path Services - Basic Clipping - BeforeClipping Path Services - Basic Clipping - After

Basic Clipping Path

The primary class is the basic method of clipping. It usually requires a single path with mostly straightforward curves, as there are no gaps in the picture. This technique applied to a round, rectangular, or small curved material like a sphere, phone, plate, circle, egg, book, spoon, etc. For example: If you want to get rid of a wine glass image context, simply apply a clipping mask around the image of the wine glass. As a result, you will remove the entire background from the image to keep the item constant.

Medium Clipping Path:

There are numerous gaps and multiple curves in the medium clipping path. Typically it’s harder than the compound clipping course. If you want to get rid of a medium picture backdrop like a multi-hole necklace, you want to use multiple anchor points. Create a clipping mask that attaches the anchor points around the jewelry.

Clipping Path ServicesClipping Path Services
Clipping Path Services Before 4Clipping Path Services After 4

Complex Clipping Path

Complex clipping path is applied to the compressed therefore not solid products. A neckless may be a complicated product as an example. In a neckless, a wide number of anchor points are used. Cause, sometimes Necklesses stays long and has an oversized range of holes. Our complicated task of clipping path helps you get rid of any complicated product’s background. This is also used for a range of products such as a chain, shoes, bracelets, jewelry, etc. This is also used for a range of products such as a chain, shoes, bracelets, jewelry, etc.

Multiple Clipping Path

Multiple Clipping Path or “multipath in short is a type of clipping path As the word, it means using multiple paths to perform an image’s clipping. It is also done using the Pen method of Adobe Photoshop, but it appears to be more laborious compared to the normal path of clipping. For example, it may be appropriate to fly a model to Europe for a photography session with the supporting team such as photographers and other technical assistance. However, for a company, this tends to be very costly. Instead, this can be accomplished by using a professional photo editing service provider, whether it is a current photo from a past event or a completely new one.

Clipping Path Services Before 6Clipping Path Services After 6
clipping path services - before 6clipping path services - after 6

Super Complex Clipping Path

Sometimes even the Super Complex Clipping Path is applied to a broad multiple gaps material. It is used in completely different forms of advanced designs, such as fence, zigzag, cross lines, etc.


Benefits of using Clipping Path

How our experts work with Clipping Path

Our professional graphic designers have ample experience using editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop. Using Adobe Photoshop, we use the pen tool to define our client’s high precision clipping path Our graphic artist zooms in the picture by 200 percent to 300 percent when creating the path, depending on the photo resolution and quality.

How are you going to place an order?

Our method of ordering is very simple. Tell us exactly what you need. Within 24 hours you can receive service. We have scheduled service 24/7. We help our customers until they are satisfied. Through taking a free trial, you can judge our quality.

Clipping Path at Competitive Price

You want to get the best customer service at the correct price as an entrepreneur or company owner. We are going to look at this concern. All of our clients get the best experience in their spending plan for that. We believe that good service at the best price will help create a long-term client relationship. We want to develop a business relationship indefinitely.

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