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The Ultimate Guide To Traditional And Digital Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Traditional And Digital Marketing

Businesses try to implement various marketing strategies to stay ahead of their competitors. The main aim of these tactics is to utilize the available resources on accessible opportunities that a business may come across. Marketing in the modern era has offered companies a lot of options to grow the sales graph fastly. Thanks to the inception of various digital platforms, now the debate is between traditional and digital marketing. Which one is the best?

Well, why not blend both to get the best results?

Target is one such business that is getting the best of both worlds through this method. Let’s find out why such brands are doing it!

What are Traditional And Digital Marketing

In recent times, digital marketing has become one of the top choices of most businesses. It’s easier to get access to a wide range of consumers through digital channels than through traditional.

Marketing that doesn’t take place online falls under the category of traditional marketing. Methods such as advertising in newspapers, billboards, radio, and televised advertisements are the old school methods to reach out to the audience.

Digital marketing, as the name implies, is carried out online. Online marketing methods such as-
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising
Social media advertising
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Content marketing
Email marketing
falls under digital marketing.

Why Do Businesses Prefer Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Most companies are aware of the fact that an increasing number of people are spending more time online.

For example, Target has done their campaign online to get access to a huge number of clients. Because digital marketing offers better benefits compared to traditional marketing techniques. With digital marketing, businesses can directly engage and interact with their client base through various digital channels. For instance, Target can get in touch with their customers through various ways online, such as-

  • Online surveys
  • YouTube Video Marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • Webinars etc.

Just like Target, most of the growing organizations are running after digital marketing techniques. The reason behind being digitalized is getting traffic easily and quickly. So, the brands can build a stronger relationship through solving the consumers’ problems within a short period. Anything’s possible when things go digital!

Differences Between Traditional And Digital Marketing

So, what’s the difference between these two marketing methods that fueled the debate? Here, we have gathered some differences to clear the contest.


Considering the cost of digital marketing vs traditional, digital one is a cost-effective option. But what about the Return On Investment (ROI)?
Well, digital marketing techniques are lower-priced than traditional ones. For this reason, businesses can get a better ROI with digital marketing. And, it saves a lot of money in the long run.

Getting Access to Potential Clients With Ease

Potential clients search for specific keywords related to any particular service or product online. Thanks to SEO!

If a business implements the right keywords for their services or products, clients will easily find them online! SEO leads have got a higher close rate compared to outbound sourced leads. They can target their potential audience with ease.

Even though they are targeting a wide range of audiences with traditional marketing, most of them aren’t potential customers. Thus a lot of time is wasted trying to target the right audience with the old-fashioned way.

Better Customer Engagement

Digital marketing offers better engagement than the traditional methods of marketing. Offering an inbound approach, brands get to understand and communicate directly with their clients with the help of digital marketing.

They realize that if they want to engage younger and new generation customers, their best bet is digital marketing! But if they are looking to engage with older customers, who aren’t adept at using modern technologies, traditional marketing is a suitable strategy in such cases.

Ease Of Measuring And Understanding Outcomes

Digital marketing is the clear winner as it allows tracking and measuring the outcomes of the marketing strategies! Most of the social media platforms such as Facebook offer various helpful tools to track your visitors. What’s the benefit?

Companies can get loads of data to utilize and understand their customers! Digital marketing allows brands to know if their ad is compelling enough or not. Traditional techniques don’t offer similar analytics and metrics as digital marketing.

Merging Of Traditional And Digital Marketing: Target’s success

One cannot overlook the benefits of traditional methods of marketing, even though digital marketing offers a lot of perks! One concept of business success is to merge both traditional and digital marketing. Though it has its challenges, the benefits are worth it in the long run! Some businesses have been slow to grasp this concept, Target, a well-established brand, has been a pioneer.

So, how did Target achieve this difficult feat?

Target understood that regardless of the platforms they choose, their brand voice and message must be consistent! By doing this, they stayed true to the brand and its mission.

“Expect More. Pay Less.” -Target’s tagline

Staying true to its brand mission, they have focused on providing affordable quality products to their customers over the years. Not only that, but Target also offer excellent customer services and ensures to give back to the community. Moreover, they have included the wider community to celebrate diversity.
In a nutshell, they understand the client’s value, which is evident in all their approaches.

But why is their marketing strategy, blending both traditional and digital marketing, so successful? What’s the secret?

Well, they incorporated every aspect of their mission in their blended marketing strategy. When reaching out to the customer base using these marketing tactics, they promote the brand’s authenticity to the customers. Whether it’s their website or social media or their coupons, anyone would recognize their red and white logo.

If someone is familiar with Target, they don’t need to see the word “Target” but the logo to know that it’s them. Such is their brand strength! There are many advantages offered to Target through its marketing strategy.

Let’s look at the advantages of each of both traditional and digital marketing individually that has benefitted Target.

Advantages of Traditional marketing

  • Allows to access local audience with ease
  • Most marketers are familiar with the methods of traditional marketing.
  • Customers can access the promotional offers without an internet connection.
  • Greater success rate.  
  • Get access to a wide range of audiences; both online and offline
  • Build a stronger brand both offline and online
  • Get increased customer conversion from leads
  • Higher sales

Advantages of Digital Marketing

  • Provides data for better customer analysis
  • Allows to access greater audience
  • The organization can reach its target audience with ease
  • Low cost
  • Optimize any tactics as necessary
  • Allows high engagement and direct contact with the traffic

FAQs on Traditional And Digital Marketing

Final Analysis On Merging Both Traditional And Digital Marketing

Phew, we are at the end of this article. Hope, we haven’t made you bored.

According to our experience, digital marketing is time-saving and efficient. But so does the old-school marketing methods, minus the access to a greater audience and time-efficiency. 

Many businesses still use traditional techniques as they are time-tested. However, with the perfect marriage of traditional and digital marketing, these approaches offer growth potential for the business. 

Hence, companies such as Target are giving their best shot to get fruitful results.

Have any confusion with these two marketing sectors? If yes, please don’t comment below. We will try to reply to you in the meantime.  

Have a nice day!