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Case Study: OneKreate Achieves Sustainable Business Growth

  • Category: Image Post Production
  • Date: 13-February-17
  • Client: OneKreate

Project Brief

OneKreate is a digital agency providing full solution for any e-commerce brand including product photography, retouching and other content support.

OneKreate asked us to handle their image post production, so that their workload would reduce. At the same time, we would have to make sure the quality of the images are not compromised, and their turnaround time for the works will trim down.

OneKreate had other vendors outside India, but they wanted to work with a new vendor, preferably outside of India. Our price offer was also more affordable compared to others. Since previously they had worked with us, they knew we had minimal error record- between 2-3%. They also loved how easy it was to reach us over email or Skype, anytime they wanted.


OneKreate wanted us to take their performance to next level by generating a large amount of image in post-production. Their key objectives were-

  • Handle high volume of workloads – about 500-1000 images a day
  • Follow instructions properly and maintain consistency of work for all projects
  • Maintain delivery time commitment and when needed, handle urgent request within 3-6 hours


We took the challenge head on and got to work immediately.


First of all, we took a look at their current statistics. Here’s the data we collected after a quick analysis-

  • Initially they were only able to deal with 50-100 images a day for small projects.
  • As they were getting a lot of orders, it was a bit difficult for them to maintain the quality of the contents
  • Delivering the huge amount of contents on time was a challenge


After reviewing the insights and comparing them with the objectives, we realized achieving the desired results would be challenge. Never one to shy away from a challenge, we put our best efforts in coming up with a strategy that would work.

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Our brand building strategy revolved around a few core initiatives. We brainstormed the most common issues after reviewing the data we collected, and came up with a new game plan for their contents.

We found out that we needed-

  • More designers with expertise to handle the extra works
  • To introduce three-step quality assurance procedure to eliminate as much errors as possible


To make sure any feedback from OneKreate were taken into consideration and effective  immediately


Now that we knew what needs to be done, all that was left was step by step execution of our plan. We took the following steps –

  • Hired new designers and train them within 3 weeks to support the growing volume of work for OneKreate
  • Dedicate a team of 30 people for smooth delivery of their daily work with alternative team managers
  • Arranged a small team of people to work on night shift on rotation basis to support client’s immediate requests
  • Made sure that files were being checked properly in 3 steps – by the production manager, the processing manager, and then the QC manager before delivering it to the client.
  • We monitored weekly performance of the team to ensure any issue reported by OneKreate after the delivery were taken care of immediately for all future tasks


We assigned the training production team to get the work done in a short time while maintaining accuracy, so that same team can handle 30% extra workload during the peak season.

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TCL’s workforce was speedy enough to deliver every project within 18-24 hours. We were able to follow all the instructions of each job properly.

With our plan firmly on course, we got astounding results within no time.

  • OneKreate was able to reduce their workload by 90%, as the only thing they needed to do after our submission was to check the color adjustment and templates.
  • The quality of the contents improved by 93%
  • The amount of errors reduced from 10% to 2%


OneKreate happily continued to work with us. They also trust us to be assigned with new projects from time to time, on top of the big volume of work we were already dealing with. Another one of their sister company has also started working with us.

workload reduced
quality improved
2- 24
hours turnaround time
error rate