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Local SEO: Business Page A Mandatory Part Of Your Business

Local SEO: Business Page A Mandatory Part Of Your Business

Do you know how many customers you are missing out today?  Just because your business does not have a business page on Google, Bing or other search engines. A business page in the search engine refers to enlisting your business name along with its address, contact number, website, and other relevant information in the search engine so that the customer can find you easily and avail their desired product or service from you. It is obvious that you just searched some locally to see whether it is available or not.

It is no coincidence that customer searches their desired product or service on Google or preferred search engines to look at the relevant information, cost, alternatives and look for near places to get it. Owning a business or shop and don’t have a business page online similar to open shop but the shutter is down. The customer tends to search local business using various search engines such as Bing, Google, Yandex and Yahoo from their device. This result estimated 46% search is local search rather than exploring the hassle jammed foreign market.

You will be shocked to know these! 

Think of a situation that, you own a small business invested a handsome amount of money buying all the necessary things your customer need. On the other hand, customers are roaming around to buy their desired product or service in front of your shop because your targeted customer did not find the product or service you are offering to them.

Here is the SERP ( Search Engine Result Page) without proper business page

According to Forbes research has revealed, about 95% of smartphone users carried out a local search with their device, out of which 61% of them called the business, and 59% visited the store.

Moreover, before opening a business page for your business you need to have a website presenting all of your product or service to your targeted audience. The great news is whether it is on GMB (Google My Business) page or Bing Business Page, you can create business page without any kind of hassle and cost. Though there is an issue of verification and need of some functional understanding to maximize the organic engagement.