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How SEO Can Help Your Business | Why You Need to Invest in SEO Now

How SEO Can Help Your Business | Why You Need to Invest in SEO Now
How SEO Can Help Your Business | Why You Need to Invest in SEO Now

How SEO Can Help Your Business | Why You Need to Invest in SEO Now

Building brand awareness is one of the core goals of a business’s marketing campaign. Moreover, the need for effective SEO strategies is increasing day by day. That’s why, as a business owner, you need to have a clear idea of how SEO can help your business.

Digital marketing is a vast area to trod on; SEO or search engine optimization is an integral part of any effective digital marketing campaign. Nowadays, having a website for your business is not enough. Making your potential clients visit your website and take your call to action directives are major milestones to achieve in today’s perspective. 

For this purpose, having a clear knowledge of how to use SEO for the growth of your business is the ultimate need of the moment. After going through this post, you will get a clear idea on – 

  • Why is SEO important for generating organic traffic?
  • What are the benefits of investing in SEO? 
  • A case study demonstrating the importance of SEO in business.


Why is SEO important?

Organic search drives more than 51% of the website’s overall traffic.

The main goal of SEO is to convince search engines that your web content is more relevant to the search queries than that of your competitors. According to Google’s digital marketing evangelist Avinash Kaushik, around 86% of search engine users prefer organic search results over paid data. 

Which strategy drives more website traffic? 


Ads don’t actually reach your clients.

According to Backlinko, around 42.7% of the global Internet users prefer an ad-free browsing experience. Therefore, they use ad blockers on their browsers. That’s the reason why ads don’t actually reach your prospects and leads. All in all, this ad-avoiding behavior shows that people distrust and avoid paid search results and depend more on organic ones.

Getting website traffic is difficult through paid ads.

Organic search drives more than 40% of your business’s total revenue.

When your website ranks high organically, you create trust about your business among your potential clients. According to Semgeeks, over 40% of a business’s total revenue comes from organic search results.

Getting results from SEO requires time. Creating and delivering valuable content that positively influences consumer buying behaviour at the correct time is the way to generate ROI by SEO. The formula of generating revenue by SEO is – 

Valuable and correct content + Accurate timing = ROI on SEO.



What are the benefits of SEO?


SEO brings qualified leads to your website.

People who find and visit your website organically are expected to be trustworthy leads. The lead rate generated by SEO is 14.6% – compared to 0.8% on traditional marketing. The close rate for organic searches is 14.7% compared to 1.4% in traditional marketing, and 14.4% by organic search (WebFX). 

SEO improves brand awareness.

A well-optimized website ranks high on SERP and gets noticed more than a low-ranking website. The more your company’s website appears in Google results, the more familiar it gets to your potential clients. Even if they don’t click on your website at the first search, eventually, they will click if your website appears first on related search queries.  

Besides, when they see your website on other advertising and social media campaigns along with its high-ranking organic search results, their trust in your brand automatically grows. 

SEO helps small business owners reach the right audience fast.

When you use an SEO strategy correctly, you will appear in the top search results your potential customers are looking for. Researching the ways people are trying to find your products or services is an effective way to choose correct keywords. 

For example, if you sell paint for outdoor furniture, you could target keywords like “how to paint outdoor furniture” or “buy outdoor furniture paint”. Small business owners get a competitive edge from targeting the correct keywords that help them rank higher than their competitors. 

That’s why the importance of SEO for small businesses is phenomenal. Small business owners often ignore investing in SEO because they think that their competitors are not investing in it or they will reach their potential customers by advertising or marketing stunts. That’s not the right way to generate brand trust. You need to rank high organically for that. 

SEO helps you beat the competition.

When you don’t invest in SEO, you risk getting mauled by your competitors who are investing in it. 95% of search traffic goes to listings on the first page of Google’s search results, and 68% of clicks go to the first five result data. If your potential customers find your competitors above you, they will click on your competitor’s website rather than yours. 

SEO provides long-term value.

SEO is a long-term strategy that continues to yield benefits long after your first investment. A web page will continue to rank well in search results after the successful implementation of SEO strategies. Moreover, SEO strategies differ from other strategies, such as paid advertising. When advertising disappears from your campaign, your ranking disappears too.

But when you target to rank high on organic search results, your potential customers will find you in each of their search queries. That’s how you will continue to rank well for a long time.

Case Study

Garden Centre, a well-known landscape company, ranked lower than its competitors when it had no SEO plans. But after availing of professional SEO services from us, garden centre not only ranked high on Google but also gained a lot of valuable clients organically.

We provided Garden Centre high-ranking, valuable keywords, on and off-page optimization and also technical SEO solutions.

Our growing line of happy clients consists of some of the best local and global business names. Along with global SEO services, we also provide local SEO services for small business owners. No matter what kind of business you own, we will make sure you consistently rank high among your competitors and get the clients you deserve.