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Post Production

  • There are many reasons to take products from Post Production. Such as:


    • Images may have unwanted objects or persons in the frame
    • In your group photos, you may need to add an individual.
    • Your pictures may be shown over or underexposed,
    • It can suffer from inadequate lights and unnecessary shadows,
    • Problems may associate with color,
    • The background of the images may not appropriate


    In the above cases, one may need post-production photography services. Thus, improved images become more engaging and attractive to customers.

  • For the below-mentioned causes, photography post-production facility works as a blessing-


    • To recorrect event photography
    • To repair damaged image
    • For model photography
    • For a glamorous look of product photography
    • To add multipath
    • For background removal

  • Choosing us will be beneficiary for you for the aforementioned cause.


    • Have 170+ skilled manipulation artist
    • Dedicated team consists of youthful and energized members
    • The harmonious team believe in a unified decision
    • In house training facility for human resources
    • Total Quality Management
    • Committed to on-time delivery
    • Quality service in competitive price
    • Value Added Service

  • We ensure economic prices by measuring the following criteria. Such as:


    Cost and payment:


    We ensure that it is within your budget and provide a method of payment that fits

    with your business.




    Our first priority always provide you quality element at the best competitive

    price possible.


    Turnaround time


    Always ask prospects for fees for rush!


    List of Services:


    All of our services are listed thoroughly that you can get what you needed most.


    Maximum order size:


    If you have a large number of photos, then obviously management will offer

    you an economic price which makes you happy for making a longterm

    business relationship with us.

  • The service  we commonly provide are:


    • Ghost Mannequin
    • Color Correction
    • Wrinkle Removing
    • Hair Masking
    • Jewelry Retouching
    • Clipping Path Service
    • Image Retouching
    • Product Retouching
    • Image Shadow
    • Skin Retouching
    • Image Reflection
    • Remove Image Background

  • The factor that makes the price of the post production services high is the clients’ requirements. If the clients need any specific service like clipping path, background removing, spot removing, etc. then the price may be less. But, if they don’t specify their requirements, rather they ask for color correction, image retouching or restoration, the price goes high. Because, such a service has no limitation. These services are laborious and time consuming. For doing these tasks perfectly, the designers incorporate other services, software, tools and options that are the reasons for being the prices high.
  • We usually deliver 5000+ image files a day, but the time may be more or less based on the complexities. Without hampering quality, we also provide rush services. If you need fast services, please let us know in full. Within the proposed time, you will receive your edited files.