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What Is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Adertising is a type of paid advertisement to promote a post from the business page of Facebook. Facebook Boost Posts increase the reach of your content to appear to a broader array of your target audience outside of people who already follow your page. A Boost Post is unlike a regular Facebook advertising as Boost Posts are more limited in certain customized settings like ad placement and audience targeting. When deciding which posts to promote, brands can pick posts that have a high engagement to encourage even more interactions, feature a popular product or service and boost a landing page for greater monetization or traffic.

Looking For Facebook Marketing?

Tech Cloud Ltd.’s Facebook integration makes it possible to post a promotion, announcement or event to your business’ Facebook Page, and trail the results from your campaign dashboard. You can also boost your post on Facebook, which helps to make sure that more of your followers will see your message – all through TCL Marketing.

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Facebook Advertising in Bangladesh

Our Expertise in Facebook Advertisement

When you create an ad on Facebook with Tech Cloud Ltd., you’ll be able to see how many customers saw your ad and made a purchase. This advanced reporting is an incredible way to track how effective your facebook advertising was – but not all of your customers will want to share this information.

Instant Ad Placement

If you are trying to get hold of a company that can boost for you, your search is over. Upload your continent, tell us your preferences, and done! You need no credit cards or bank accounts. But yes, you do need great and appropriate content for your ads to do have great results!

Maximum Transparency

You will know how much money you spend and the reach of your post with maximum transparency. We provide you with better control at a reasonable price. You will know how much money you spend and the reach of your post with maximum transparency. We provide you with better control at a reasonable price.

Increased Sales

The best way to place an effective advertisement is targeting the people who are already familiar with your products. We try to do that on your behalf at Tech Cloud Ltd. If you have the necessary database prepared beforehand, your Facebook boosting will be done in a breeze!

How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Boosting a Facebook post is spending money to help promote your post. Boosted posts appear higher in your follower’s News Feed, while free posts only reach an estimated 3% to 10% who have liked or follow your page.
Ads that you create from posts on your Facebook Page are boosted posts. Boosting a Facebook post can help you get more people to react, share and comment on it. You can also reach potential followers who are likely to be interested in your Page or business but are not currently associated with you. For example, Rosalie’s Market posts about its pizza menu with a slideshow of all the toppings options. Boosting that post can help Rosalie’s Market reach potential followers who may like it, share it with others or comment on their favorite ones.

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How Can Facebook Advertising Help Your Business Thrive?

Due to the ever-changing factors in Facebook’s algorithms, organic reach continues to decline. Social media advertising has become more and more important to ensure that the developed content is actually being engaged with. Promoting your content with paid support via Facebook ensures that your content is gaining traction and return, whether you are investing thousands of dollars or time in creating custom content such as video or images.

Most of the ways to promote your content are incredibly time-consuming. Reaching out to influencers or earning backlinks are both grander tactics, but marketers don’t always have the time to complete these tasks. As Facebook Audience Network has now reached over 1 billion people each month, this particular social media platform is increasingly popular among marketers. It has a good reason too, Facebook’s highly accurate audience-targeting allows you to reach the right people at the right time.

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Facebook Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your boosted posts will be shown to your recent customers and people who like and follow your Page.
  • The minimum budget required to boost your post is $5 & 7 days. The maximum budget is fixed by Facebook and will differ depending on how many people like or follow your page. Once the budget is set, Tech Cloud Ltd. will manage your campaign through Facebook. You will be billed for the actual cost and our services.
  • No. What you elect to spend on the boosted post is exclusively used to pay for boosting your post. However, we will charge an amount for the services we provide.
  • The estimated impressions for an Organic or Free Post depends on industry data and Facebook’s published guidelines. Actual exposure of free posts can vary, but the estimate equates up to 10% of your followers.

     For a Boosted Post, the estimated impressions are delivered by Facebook, and are based on several factors, including the number of likes on your page, your budget, and more. The real impressions can vary, and your final spend may be less than the maximum budget you set if Facebook provides fewer impressions.

  • At this time, Tech Cloud Ltd. supports posting campaigns to one page at a time – which means you can post a campaign to either your business or personal page, but not both with the same campaign. If you have multiple business pages, you will have to create separate campaigns for each one of them. Click on the profile picture icon to the right of the “Shareable on Facebook” toggle to select which page should receive the post. This will show you all pages linked to your email account visible so that you can select.
  • If you have linked your Facebook account and still do not see the option to boost your post, it could be because you do not have a business page on Facebook. Only pages can boost posts and run advertising. If you do not have a business page, you can still share your content through an organic or free post in your personal Facebook.
  • As soon as you click the button and your campaign is delivered, your post will start to appear on your business page.  To see the boosted post, you can visit your business page after the campaign delivery. Anyone who visits your page can also see it.

    Facebook will review your boosted post before it appears in the News Feed of people who like and follow your page. Generally, boosted page posts are reviewed in less than an hour or so. However, it may take longer in some instances. In short, it will take a little time for your post to start appearing in News Feeds.  You can visit the Facebook Help Center for more information about Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines.

  • The Impressions, clicks and sales resulting from your boosted Facebook posts will be included in your campaign report provided by Tech Cloud. We will show you any results you want maximum clarity.
  • We built Tech Cloud Ltd. to help small businesses sell more without having to bear higher costs. If you think we are capable of fulfilling your dreams, hop aboard and we will give it our best! Also, do not forget to recommend us to others who may need our help. We believe success tastes sweetest when it is shared with others!
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