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Case Study: How Tech Cloud’s Job Portal made Caritas Recruiting process Easy

Case Study: How Tech Cloud’s Job Portal made Caritas Recruiting process Easy

  • Category: Job Portal & CV bank platform development
  • Date: Jul 18, 2018
  • Client: Caritas Bangladesh

Project Brief:

Caritas wanted to build an online Job Portal for job seeking candidates. Including the features of new registration, Create and  download CVs, apply for the published jobs and check the status of the applied job. Admin and other Hr Officers can post jobs, primary selection of potential candidates using 23 types of filtering options. After applying the filters candidate CVs can be primarily selected and send them interview cards via email through the portal. Rejection letters also can be sent. They can download 4 types of excel from the applied candidate. The backup of all data from this portal is also available. 


About Client:

Our client Caritas Bangladesh started its journey on January 13, 1971, it is a social arm of the Catholic Church in Bangladesh, mandated by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Bangladesh (CBCB). There are eight local Offices in eight regions which are Barisal, Chattogram, Dhaka, Dinajpur, Khulna, Mymensingh, Rajshahi and Sylhet. In all these places Caritas is operational in Integrated Development, Disaster Management, and Human Resource Development, under central management. 



Caritas Bangladesh wanted to build a strong Job portal and make it systematically. The key objective was to create a strong digital web-presence through a digital approach and to advocate an informative portal that will keep all the official, employment, organizational records, user registration, CV field option and creations, application for a job, job bank and posting, etc. in one place. 



After getting full requirements from the client by face to face meeting. We as a whole team analyzed the feature list and developed users’ stories. We Selected the technologies ( laravel, MySQL etc). We Splitted full products with small features, made release plans and created milestones. We allocated a Development Team (how many developers will work). The design team created a mockup for confirmation from the client. Used case and data flow 

diagram with Implementation code and testing. Released the application after handling the requested changes. Created Product user guide and documentation. There were numerous stages which we created and shared with the client for necessary input and afterwards we blended all stages for conclusive discharge. Additional efforts had been given to prepare this web-based job portal.



Firstly client’s requirement : Developers collected the full requirement from the client. Then our project manager and system architect analyzed the requirement and initialized the feature list. They selected the team and technology which will be used for developing the solution. Here 8 developers (4 backend and 2 frontend developers and 2 QA) worked on this project. The frontend team created the wireframe for better understanding. After confirming the wireframe from the client, the project manager created the ER Diagram, used case model and the project plan. In the meantime, the QA team created the test case plan. The project was splitted into 4 phases and set release plans for these 4 phases. Development team started implementing code and after completing the phase one QA team started their testing and development team moved to phase two.


After releasing the test result and fixing the bug, phase one was released and sent it for client’s feedback. This process was followed for the other three phases also.

After completing all 4 phases and their feedback we deployed the software to their live server and carried out other necessary steps for the environment set up. 2 days training to their HR department was given to operate the software with full documentation.    

Feature List:

  1. User portal.
  2. Admin portal.
  3. Cv maker.
  4. Job portal.
  5. Job management for users.
  6. Cv generator (PDF).
  7. Advance Cv filtering.
  8. Email notification.
  9. Generate 4 types of excel from employee Cv.
  10. Interview management.



Back End: Laravel 5.8 (PHP Framework)

Front End: HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery , Ajax.

Database: MySQL

Server: Linux



Because of our devoted endeavours, our client was satisfied with our development and the platform we built. Their paperwork came down almost to zero. They can now easily filter the applied cv and send interview invitations through this platform. All the zone offices are synchronized with this platform and their Head Office can easily see which candidates applied , which candidates are called for interview and rejected. All the information is safely preserved



Our expertise gave us the confidence  to structure the platform in such a manner that it helped the client to overcome the limitations of their old job portal and meet the new required Job Portal features, so they can easily use the new application as it was made in a very user-friendly manner. The responsive structure, easy to use interface, and the improved usefulness of the Portal is letting the employers and admin dept. experience more habituated with Job portal applications.