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Case Study: How Foodpeon Grew Its Online Visibility

  • Category: Branding, Digital Marketing & Web Development
  • Date: 01-July-19
  • Client: Foodpeon

Project Brief

Foodpeon started its journey in November 2016, with an aim to work with stay-at-home food-makers, especially women, where customers can order healthy, homemade food from the menu in an online platform within a fixed time each day and their order will be processed and delivered to their place within a few hours.


As a startup, Foodpeon wanted to generate enough number of orders from the beginning to sustain themselves. The key objective was to create a loyal, recurring customer base through a digital approach, and also create advocate customers who in addition to using their services will also recommend it to others. Foodpeon asked us to create a solid SEO, Digital PR, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing strategy to help build brand exposure.


Although the idea of home delivery of food was fairly new at that time, it was not unheard of. Three businesses were almost successfully delivering homemade food all over Dhaka. Customers were getting used to the idea of ordering food instead of going out to eat.  Creating a loyal customer base in an already niche market was our fundamental challenge. Offering to do the same thing as the competitors simply was not going to work. The key to success was to remain relevant, yet stand out at the same time; creating more level of noise and impact than others. Foodpeon was only getting a few orders at that time.

The second challenge was to maintain professionalism in the entire food making and delivery process. Most of the stay-at-home food-makers that Foodpeon worked with had little to no experience in the business. Explaining the unique, digital approach to them and getting the work done according to Foodpeon’s need was our second challenge.

We made a list of things that needed work-

  • Foodpeon’s social media accounts- which needed a lot of work. Foodpeon’s Facebook page, which could be a great platform to make the business grow, only had 10,000 likes and followers.
  • Foodpeon’s Android app on Google Play Store- it had only 4 downloads.
  • Foodpeon’s ranking on SERP- Foodpeon did not rank on the first three searches, in fact Foodpeon was not even on the first page of the result.


Our key strategy was to reach a large number of customers through every digital platform possible. We planned to use a combination of SEO, Digital PR, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing to achieve phenomenal results for Foodpeon.

Our idea was to improve the search results that major search engines, such as Google provides using SEO. If we could improve the search results and ranking and reach the target customers and food-makers, it would boost the ROI.

The second strategy was to improve the contents of social media and make them more related to the ongoing offers Foodpeon was providing. Then, we planned to boost the posts through paid promotion and reach a huge amount of target customers and food makers through social media.

As for our final strategy, we would pay attention to the Foodpeon Android app and advertise it using Google ads to get it up and running. We believed it would bring extraordinary results.

 In order to make Foodpeon stand out from the other business ventures of the same platform, we opted to reach the stay-at-home women of our society through digital marketing, so that they would be interested in collaborating with Foodpeon.


Our first priority was Foodpeon’s website. We collaborated with the in-house development team to integrate mechanisms that would expose the website correctly to search engines and improve the ranking. For SEO, we used keyword research, campaign setup, full-range monitoring, analyzing and reporting. We focused on the contents that would help Foodpeon reach the top of SERP.

Step two was to get their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube up and running. We knew Foodpeon would be highly interesting to a larger audience – they just needed a way to connect. So we collaborated with Foodpeon to introduce the brand on social media.

We created engaging image and video contents and boosted them through paid ads so that it would reach their target audience. This all tied in with the exciting new range of food items, along with discount and referral codes. We made sure their referral program and discount codes were well promoted in the social media, where the recurring customers are encouraged to refer their service to their friends and families. We promoted Foodpeon’s 29-taka lunch package for the customers who referred them to their friends and family. Foodpeon encouraged the listed chefs to offer BOGO (buy one, get one) for a certain period of time, and we worked on boosting it. In addition, we retargeted the web visitors frequently with 7 to 15% discounts to encourage them to order again.

Then we focused on the Android app. After discussing with Foodpeon, we came up with the idea of a special discount offer for the customers ordering through the app. That ought to make the app interesting to the customers, and we made sure the ones downloading the app would feel it was a more hassle free way of placing the order. To increase the number of downloads, we set up Google ads based on search keywords. We also provided ads to YouTube based on specific food channels and interests. Lastly, we used Google display ads based on demographics and interests.

In order to increase the basket size of the recurring customers, we used SMS Marketing, where we informed the existing customers individually about the exciting new offers and discount codes.  We also used a strategy called cold call where we called a customer who was satisfied with Foodpeon’s previous service just to remind her/him of the new offers.

We made sure the contents posted on Facebook and other Social Medias’ would appeal to the stay-at-home women, who would be interested to team up with us. We let them know that Foodpeon was providing them an opportunity to help them stand up on their feet, while doing something they were good at and loved doing.


Our data-driven, and digital marketing approach was an immediate success. The results were astounding and spoke for themselves. Foodpeon became one of the most talked about homemade food delivery platforms in Bangladesh.



  • 700% gain in leads
  • 1200% increase in brand awareness and online visibility
  • 160% increase in website traffic and SERP rankings
gain in leads
page followers
online visibility
daily web traffic

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Mahdy Hasan - Founder & CEO