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Case Study: Café Euphoria’s Growth Hacking in Social Media

cafe euphoria case study
cafe euphoria case study

Case Study: Café Euphoria’s Growth Hacking in Social Media

  • Category: Branding, Digital Marketing
  • Date: 01-July-19
  • Client: Café Euphoria

Café Euphoria 

Project Brief

Cafe Euphoria is an authentic continental Asian restaurant. It serves Chinese, Thai, and Indian Cuisine. Café Euphoria was launched in 2016. It has three branches in the key locations of Dhaka city- Banani, Dhanmondi, and Uttara.


Cafe Euphoria asked us to create a solid Social Media Marketing strategy to help build brand exposure, and increase ROI. Social media has been one of our main tactics behind the 2019 online turnaround of Café Euphoria. We knew that refurnishing their Facebook page would play a key role in reigniting consumer love for the brand. Our goal was to get the right tone and balance – we were dealing with a three-year-old restaurant that needed a new digital look for the future. It was essential to combine older audiences with new ones.

Cafe Euphoria's case study by Tech Cloud Ltd
case study of cafe euphoria banani


Even though the company was doing well for themselves, they were simply unable to match the social media success of their competitors.

  • The Facebook page of Café Euphoria had about 107832 likes.
  • The boosted posts were getting 6000 likes on an average.
  • The average number of Total Paid Reach was 381930.


Our goal was to increase the number of likes on the pages, engaged users, and total paid reach. Only boosting the post was not enough for that. We needed to strategize the contents keeping a few things in mind. They should-

  • Clearly, state the current food items and offers of Café Euphoria.
  • Be related to the trending affairs of social media.
  • Be visually engaging for potential customers.
case study cafe euphoria by tech cloud ltd


We focused on making the content more relevant and conveying the right information about the offers through them.

Some of the posts had improvement areas, we edited those posts to improve the overview of the page.

We collaborated with the Café Euphoria team and came up with an entirely new content plan for the Facebook pages. We divided the contents into four categories-

  • Food items– we made a list of Café Euphoria’s old food items and set menus that could use much more exposure. We also introduced new ones through lucrative images.
  • Occasions– We made sure the contents were related to Cultural Occasions like Noboborsho, Pohela Falgun, New Years; Religious festivals such as Ramadan, Eid, Durga Puja, Christmas, etc. 
  • Trending Issues– Cricket, Road Safety brings the whole nation together. We ensure the posts were supportive of the issues, be that a joyous one as Cricket or a solemn one as Road Safety.
  • Customers– Here we put some effort to make the posts interactive to the customers. We posted pictures of the customers at the restaurant. We also asked Café Euphoria to offer special discounts and complimentary drinks for customers who check-in at Cafe Euphoria on Facebook. Finally, the customers were asked to leave their feedback on the Facebook page about the services. 

The Results

The influence of social networking is tremendous. We saw nearly immediate success in the Social Media Promotion of Café Euphoria.

  • The number Total Likes increased to 110138.
  • The likes on the boosted posts increased to 30000 on an average.
  •  The number of total paid reach increased to 1017463. 


In other words:

  • 400% increase in likes on the boosted posts
  • 167% increase in total paid reach


The revived social presence of Café Euphoria had gained significant momentum in growth and engagement, and since then it has been on an upward trend. We appealed to a wider audience and preserved the careful balance between their brand and their new digital image by sharing a combination of current food items, exclusive set menus, and upcoming exciting dishes. Customers were delighted with the New Café Euphoria, and a younger target audience was captivated. Their social analytics continues to look much better, and we continue to love working with them.

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