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Bulk SMS Marketing in Bangladesh

Digital way to reach clients door

Tech Cloud provides bulk SMS marketing in Bangladesh. Our Smart Enterprise Messaging System which triggers directly from your mobile device or computer. Our smart SMS communication services allows enterprise to create better customer experiences.

Greeting people, sending information related to products or services, broadcasting announcements about either the company or advertising products–TCL SMS is your one stop destination.

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Cheap SMS Rates

We Provide You Lowest Rates.


A worldwide network service designed to send SMS towards any country of the world, not only in Bangladesh.


Functional API, based on state-of – the-art as well as proven technology, giving it the unique ability to be competitive with any network on the globe


An intelligent dashboard and responsive device is a diverse marketing tool.

SMS Marketing By Tech Cloud



Why our SMS Marketing exceptional

  • Pinpoint Targeting
  • Cross Culture
  • Channel Management
  • Campaign Consultants
  • Campaign Management
  • Smart API
  • Masking/ Non-Masking SMS
  • Dual Language Service (Bngla/English)
  • Customized Panel (As per client’s request)
  • Easy and understandable uses of panel
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What Do You Get From Our SMS Marketing Services?

SMS marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels used by today’s inbound or outbound marketers 89% of SMS are opened within five minutes. Our tech cloud marketing experts know how to create attractive SMS that will provoke potential customers of a product or service. We know that our respective clients need added values. Though, we also offer our customers’ bonus services within an affordable price range. Our innovative bulk SMS marketing service will enhance the exposure of your business all over Bangladesh.

  • Leads to a Good User Experience
  • Leads to a higher Conversion Rate
  • Follow good cost management system
  • Motivate Regional Users to Visit the Retail Store
  • Key source to collect effective leads
  • Enhance Brand Credibility
  • Develop Brand Awareness
  • Make websites more mobile friendly
  • Could be a long-term marketing campaign
  • Helps you increase profits
  • Builds cohesion of all digital marketing activities
  • Increase Social media followers
SMS Marketing Bangladesh
  • Tailor your message to fit your preferences To get full ROI, add your brand name and expose your business to your target audience. Use the app to attract / meet more customers at its peak.
  • Are you looking to promote your product or service to your intended audience? We provide an authentic mobile number database for sending Branded or Non-Branded SMS and we will never compromise on ensuring that your message is delivered to the target group.
  • Why lose money and time when you can conveniently configure your message at the lowest price point for your target audience. In addition, to improve conversion, submit individual messages or large-scale text marketing campaigns from our simple on-line platform.
  • Relax a bit, as we provide the SMS deployment report to get you the idea of whether or not your message has been sent successfully.



SMS Marketing in Bangladesh - FAQ
  • SMS has unequaled open and read rates: an open rate of 98 per cent within the first three minutes and a reading rate of 90 per cent. Because of these numbers, SMS is a crucial marketing tool.
  • Sure, and advertisers should tailor text messages to better communicate their argument. Using audience selectors, you can configure the audience with Techcloud, submit time and frequency as you would any other supported platform.  Build completely personalized ads by uploading target lists and using merge tags to transfer customer data to your post.
  • Yes, yes! Many marketers are still dealing with SMS as a completely separate channel. Yet to get the most out of it, SMS needs to be seamlessly synchronized with other forms of communication.
  • Considering the efficiency of this channel, it is shocking that as a marketing channel, 61 percent of marketers have not yet taped SMS. But as part of their marketing strategy, there are many popular companies that use SMS effectively.
  • SMS allows advertisers to use a direct “private” platform to reach consumers instead of relying on a third-party app. Messaging via Facebook or WhatsApp comes with a cost for each Like SMS, but it also means owning your consumer relationship.
  • There are several ways to use SMS to fill a marketing stack with some critical needs— especially if you don’t have an app, or if your app doesn’t work as well as you would like it to be as a direct message channel. It is also a great channel for immediacy (to provide essential, time-sensitive notification), to increase reach (especially for those consumers without apps), And nurturing loyalty (texts can make the brand-consumer relationship personal). SMS strategists from TCL will help your band find the best way out of SMS to get the most ROI.