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5 Facts You Never Knew About Neck joint services

Neck joint services
Neck joint services

5 Facts You Never Knew About Neck joint services

Neck joint service is also known as the invisible mannequin service. Neck Joint Services provides 2D and 3D objects to be created. This allows the ability to do use modern technologies in the digital photography field. As like jackets, swimsuits, pants, shirts, etc. can get the ghost mannequin service.

The quality you’ll receive can be similarly tied to the company that’ll handle your work in the first place. If they have ensured neck joint, wrist removal, amongst other editions as they work? While the question is arising through your mind, you should know that Image Edit Specialist has already made each of these services possible. 

What is Neck Joint Service?

Neck joint service can also call image manipulation service as which involves the use of tools or software to transform a picture to acquiring an impressive result. So many online retailers use neck joint Service. The objects are used by marketers who are looking to cut the price of employing live models to wear clothing products.

An online clothing store, for example, that wants to have perfect cloth images without the neck joint service showing will do well to take advantage of this service. The object removed, the eye can focus more on the dress’s design while at the same time giving people an idea of what it looks like if worn.

So what does neck joint service for? First, the photographer will need to place the clothing product such as dresses, shirts, caps, etc. on the dummy doll. After the images are captured, the outer parts of the neck joints are cutout. Finally, the outer part of the dress, which may have also been cut as a result of trying to remove the dummy also needs to be joined to form a decent, complete photo. This is basically what Neck Joint Service is about. 

Normally, it is the processes that provide collar neck joint services like: 

● Image Cutting Service 

● Colour Correction Service

● Photo Magnification

● Changing a picture’s colour

● Cropping or resizing the image

● Portrait Retouching

Mannequin Service Uses

The Neck Joint service normally uses for removing the dummy, which wears the cloth, with the use of a product photo retouching software. eCommerce companies hire ghost mannequin service to composite the front and back parts of the neck, specifically, in an attractive image. This will considerably enhance the quality of your image, which in turn makes an attractive first impression on potential buyers. As a result, they will be attracted to check out these products on an eCommerce site.

As per a recent investigation, people decide whether or not to buy a product from an online store in 30 seconds. This means you have just 30 seconds to convince customers that you provide high-quality clothes.

So, you should keep your regular customers involves attractive product images and get guest visitors to check them out. If you are searching for any unique way to display your products, our in-house expert team can give you the demanded outputs.

They have the skill of numerous challenging neck joint services and delivered appreciable results in time. Our main concern is customer satisfaction. So, we will do all the efforts from our end to make sure that you are satisfied with the final pictures.

The neck joint service use in the products are: 

● Cap 

● Shoes

● Jackets

● Jerseys

● Necktie

● T-shirts

● Trousers

● Polo shirt

● Prom dress

● Cargo pants

● Lady t-shirts

5 Types of Neck Joints Services You never knew 

After placing a neck joint in a product, after a certain time, there will be a need to make the points that are sticking out of the clothing invisible. To that effect, there are various categories of ghost mannequin or neck joint services effects, and major five of these are you may need to know:

  1. Neck joint 
  2. Bottom joint
  3. Sleeves joint
  4. 3D/360° packshot 
  5. New background 

1. Ghost Mannequin: 

The successful and correct removal of a mannequin from shirts, jacket, trousers, lingerie, etc. on the neck area of the dress is usually blank. The latter leaves an unimpressive outlook which can be resolved by joining the background of the neck joint to the front. Accordingly, the former of the full shape of the clothing is re-touched. 

2. Bottom Joint:

The big clothing garments whose back is longer than the front also need a neck joint service for photo retouching service. A photoshop service can help to join the bottom part of the clothing that was primary separated. Once it has been replaced, it will similar to the front of the match since a complete image has been formed. 

3. Sleeves Joint: 

As it implies, this image retouching service centre on the sleeves of attires such as t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, jackets, etc. It can remove a mannequin from the sleeve’s hollow part which makes a ghost effect as a result. 

4. 3D/360° Packs: 

A 3D/360° picture effect is a match for use for products for eCommerce websites. It can also help in creating motion and an animation video. In this case, the photo captured from multiple angles needs to be captured before the missing parts such as the sleeves, bottom, top, and neck are assembled. 

5. New Background: 

All of these advantages of New background offered by Image Edit Experts. These professionals are made possible by working with several experts to ensure that more than one expertise is sought to design your new background work. There’s also the benefit of faster response on working on creating the new background on neck joint service and turn overtime in the faster delivery and swifter communication. If that’s what you expect, then you need to contact experts for hiring the best neck joint service provider and get started with your work in a new background to deliver it as at when due.


By hiring the best neck joint services provider, there’s no need to tensed about how it’ll turn out to be. If you’ve chosen to settle for dummy instead of models instead to save cost, then it’s not a bad decision, but it can even be made better. It starts with maintaining the service that will help to cut out and join its parts together. The result will be as neat as possible and not even viewable to the ordinary eyes because that’s as expert as it can get.