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40% Business Sales Boost through Local SEO

40% Business Sales Boost through Local SEO

Suppose, you have arranged a party and bought goods for expected guests but you did not even mention the party location, how do you expect that they will appear on your premises? Similarly, when you are running a Local business of specific service/ products, with the help of Local SEO your business online presence can be found in the top of the ranking in the google map search result page and SERP (Search Engine Result Page), which will lead the local customers to take the invitation of visiting business online shop or premises to search their required goods or service.

Study shows that Local SEO tends to increase the repeat customer rate by 32%. Nowadays customer prefers online research before buying the required goods or service. Moreover, the most amusing and true fact is that consumers do not visit the second or next pages of the search results when they find the necessary info in the first one.

Even if your business brand has an online presence but does not appear on the first page of the search result, it can be considered as a dead presence online. Along with that, in this era of business competition of a similar product or service is very much high. To survive in this constant competition, you need to keep your online presence updated and entice in the first place so that your business website gets more visitor which will convert more sales.

To illustrate the importance of Local SEO in terms of establishing a brand and strengthen the online presence, All major Search Engines Bing, Google, Yandex and other recommend the Business page to boost up visit by Local customers. Though you can enlist your business free to make it more authentic, verification from the concern Search Engine is required.

Since 20 percent of searches across virtual properties are Local, and that jumps to 40 percent on mobile, why miss the traffic and conversion opportunity? Customers are more comfortable to shop from their handy device and optimizing the digital presence of the business is highly recommended to maximize the ROI. Nevertheless, Digital Optimization through Local SEO includes displaying impressive and relevant images, set the perfect location map and last the foremost issue to keep in mind that, list the Product or Service accordingly and Optimize with the Local SEO to drive more local customers to the digital premises of your business.   

In a nutshell, taking Local SEO as granted is a wise decision when you notice that it drawing a significant portion of your revenue from Local customers, you must invest constantly in local SEO so that you can hold the business position online and engage the more local customer.